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Kimberly Cares
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sh*t faced! by 
Female 50
Blue Ridge, GA
 I went to Church With Jeff , Shonda , Mrs. Trish , and Granny. The Preacher Preached on the subject of Family. He gave alot of great points , great truths. He spoke of parents and there children .. I thought of Larkinn..😳🥺😭 , for I still haven't heard a word from her. He said.." If You Need To Apologize, and Get Things Right, Well Get off Your High Horse, and Do So " ( Not in a prideful way )but I thought to myself, I've Tried. Anyway, this was the song that started of the Sunday Service...I held my breath , pinched my nose, just to keep from crying, loudly! ⭐️ Brian Free and Assurance/ What A Day That Will Be ⭐️
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