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35 Year Old · Female · From Canton, GA · Joined on March 20, 2006 · Born on June 26th
35 Year Old · Female · From Canton, GA · Joined on March 20, 2006 · Born on June 26th

My name is Jenna and my nickname is either Tipsy or Tink. Tink is a nickname from Tinkerbell. My favorite color is Pink. Umm let me think, Ok Im very Chlostophobic( i have no idea how to spell that) I CANT STAND TO BE IN SMALL SPACES. I LOVE listening to music most of the time. I love my friends, and I am love this site!! GO LC!!! But anyways i have more about myself but i will get back to you on that, But if anyone has any questions JUST ASK ME!!! But if it is anything perverted, I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT!!!

35 Year Old · Female · From Canton, GA · Joined on March 20, 2006 · Born on June 26th
My name is Jenna and I like to do just about everything, from drawing, 4 wheeling, Fishing, all sports, and watching movies, paintballing and anything that is fun. I see it as , there is a first time for everything and u must try everything once because you only have one life to live. I also have a 7 month old baby boy and his name is Skylar. He is my pride and Joy. I love him with all my heart. I am currently in a relationship. I have been in the relationship for 4 yrs, on and off. The way i see it is that if you like me, you like me but if you dont, you dont. If you dont like me, dont mess around with my heart or my feelings.
I have so many favorite movies that I cant write them all down!!! T.V shows, Dark angel, Room Raiders, Parental Control, Jerry Springer, Maury, VH1, CMT, and alot more!!
My favorite two idols is God and my son Skylar. My other idols is my friends. Without them i wouldnt be myself!!! Now celebrity wise, i like Angelina Jolie,Ben Afflect,Jessica Alba, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson(the rock), Adam Sandler, John Cena, The Bigshow, and alot more wrestlers. My favorite wrestler is Biohazard. You may have not heard of him, but u will soon. He's stepping up in his career. And if your wondering, YES I LOVE WRESTLING!!!! Music wise, I like christina Millian, Nirvana,Jennifer Lopez, And alot more!!!

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