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43 Year Old · Female · Joined on March 5, 2006 · Born on June 10th
43 Year Old · Female · Joined on March 5, 2006 · Born on June 10th

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43 Year Old · Female · Joined on March 5, 2006 · Born on June 10th
bike rides on trails drinking going to clubs reading surfing the net pilates trying to work up the nerve to go sky diving but im a chicken shit shopping bowling for fun i suck meMy NameNinerMy Birth SignGeminiMy Eye ColorbrownMy Hair ColorgreenHow I mostly Wear My Hairdown with my bangs pulled backMy Height5.3My Weight125This Is The Hand I Write WithrightMy Favorite Clothingjeans My Favorite Movie Genreright nowMy Favorite Cable Channelsmovie central show caseMy Favorite Drinkscoca cola or kokanneeMy Favorite Foodspizza My Least Favorite Food Groupdeep fried foodMy Best Dessertstrawberry cheese cakeMy Favorite Kind Of Datehas a little boozeMy Favorite Hobbiesreading and pilatesMy Favorite Animalstree frogsMy Favorite Computer Gamesdont knowMy Top Music InterestrapOne Of My Pet Peevesnosy peopleWhat I Like To Do On A Rainy Dayget wetMy Favorite Colorsblue and pinkMy Favorite DVD Boxed Setstrailer park boysMy Favorite Flowertulips or daisyMy Favorite Part Of NaturelakesMy Favorite Electronicsmp3 playersMy Favorite Shopping Storesgarage clothingMy Favorite Pizzabbq chickenWhat I Consider Myself Most To Be...pretty CREATE YOUR OWN! - or - GET PAID TO TAKE SURVEYS!ating new people
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fave movies full metal jacket super troopers scar face peter pan the dark crystal nightmere before christmas freedom road , its new i saw it and i love it
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