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37 Year Old · Male · From Stuart, FL · Joined on October 14, 2005 · Born on May 1st
37 Year Old · Male · From Stuart, FL · Joined on October 14, 2005 · Born on May 1st

i ride for slingshot,dc kiteboards,and florida kitingim 14(i know im a younging) a kite boarder(kite instructer is my job)ive been kiting for about 3 years and just started really progressing 2 years ago but ive been into the sport for about 5(whatching the tour and flying trainers) all i do is kite and sleep but when it doesnt blow i LOVE diving fishing hanging around skimboarding surfing wakeboarding skinny dipping meeting new ppl reading/whatching/listening/talking about kiting"when you move like a jelly fish rythem means nuthing,you just go with the flow and dont stop"thats how i live my lifeKiteboardingHow long have you Been Kiting?3 yearsWhat is Your Current Setup?13 fuel 17.5 machine 140x43 DCthug ganna get new 06 fuels soon(9+13)What is your favorite Kite Company?slingy DUH!What is your favorite Board Company?DC DUH!What is your favorite Video?ten4Who do you Normally Kite with?myselfStraps or Bindings?BINDINGS!What is your Favorite Kite you have had?13 fuel on a pulleyFlat Water or Surf?DEAD FLAT! were i can see myown reflectionFavorite Trick?s-bend kiteloop(not down loop)Favorite International Team?slingyFavorite Conditions20 deadflat water on a down winderLast Words?y r u going to kill me????CREATE YOUR OWN! - or - GET PAID TO TAKE SURVEYS!Your Hawaiian Name is:Mamo KeahiWhat's your Hawaiian Name?

37 Year Old · Male · From Stuart, FL · Joined on October 14, 2005 · Born on May 1st
i love life and meeting new people and anything with adrenaline ESPECIALLY KITING!!!! THE BOTTON GAME!!!!
Music Video Codes By VideoCodesFree.com im a hippi so i love john butler trio,DMB and everyone that sounds kinda like that im lead vocxals and bassist in a band click this to listen http://www.purevolume.com/andrewrenfroeofjupiterflorida
Take the quiz: "What kind of muscle car are you?"1967 Shelby GT 500You are a 1967 Shelby GT 500. You love your car because it's rare. You know you can whoop on most other cars, but you tend not to because you don't want to scratch your paint. You try to keep as many miles off of your car as you can.
id say right now neil hutchingson dre and ruben len10

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