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44 Year Old · Male · From Fort Rucker, AL · Joined on February 26, 2006 · Born on April 20th

Life is not about what you have or your "status", but about the relationships and friendships that you cherish in life. I have gotten them confused before but clearly see the ligHT now. Money, material possesions, nice clothes, etc. can all be replaceD. Okay about me... I LOVE THE BEACH!! Few words that describe me; Energetic, fun, wild, crazy, foolish, extreme, sweet, romantic, passionate, sensitive, loving, nice, motivated, charming, picky, fast, freaky, etc. I am very spontaneous and like to do things spur of the moment. I love taking road trips almost as much as do the beach. The beach is the most romantic, relaxing place on earth. It's the only place I can go and be in complete peace without a care in the world. I grew up in Pensacola and lived there until I was 17 when I moved to Conway, AR. which is where I lived off and on until joining the ARMY and moving here to Fort Rucker. I only have 1 year left then I am out and I can get a real job! I have my associate’s degree and I am finishing my bba-marketing at Troy State University-Dothan. I recently decided that when i get out of the ARMY I am going to finish my BSN then CRNA. I will then move to Boca Raton, FL which is probably where I will live the rest of my life working, relaxing on the beach, and living in a dream! In my free time I like to workout, watch TV, sleep, hang with friends, swim, travel, and play pool. Shootin pool is 1 of the few things I can actually say I am good at! You’d get beat!! I like fast cars and motorcycles and have a passion for speed (have the speeding tickets 2 prove it:). I have a huge problem blowing $$$ When there is something I want, I get it. You only live once! Money (and spending it) is probably my worst addiction but I am dealing with it! That's how I live life. message me: kevinh_1979@yahoo

44 Year Old · Male · From Fort Rucker, AL · Joined on February 26, 2006 · Born on April 20th

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