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corridors walk the empty halls shattered dreams these empty frames pictures of my life broken hopes scattered among the debris can i overcome this face these obsticles clear a new path through this place the corridors of my mind. by john m
bringer of the dawn Floating on the air beyond the clouds she reaches smiles of the sun twilight in her eyes sunrise in her trail beckoning a new day she brings life to the dying heart is she an angel a goddess in disguise enchantress from below questions best unspoken answers left unheard for I care not to hear spellbound and enchanted finding bliss within her touch always wanting more waiting for her approach she's the bringer of the dawn. by john m
as we kiss goodbye Joy fades to black as we kiss goodbye say these farewells before I venture into the void lost in your absence how has this become what brought us to this point searching a new path find our new lives we bury the remains of our life here at these fateful crossroads as we kiss goodbye. by john m
kisses to the sun look at the horizon a new dawn approaches the sun will come again and vanquish this darkness covering us for so long and end its dreaded reign let its rays embrace us new life will flourish Helios ascends in time driving back the night will you never leave me let me bask in your radiance fill me with your warmth overcome, these words fail me speechless, leaving me in awe let the sun never set when night comes calling defy the gods' decree go not in to your descent stray from this path that's set before you I fear the night's coming think not of farewells look to the sky sending kisses to the sun. by john m
as i watch you drown standing on the shore alone, desolate i watch as you drown my hand ever outstretched offering you a way out begging you to escape these turbulent seas but you turn away deny my hand again what have i done where has hope gone how can i walk away so here i will stay as i watch you drown praying to days' end that you'll call out my name and i pull you ashore til we're hand in hand you'll fight the undertow as i watch you drown.
state of the union state of the union declaration of lies homily of the cloth sermons of hipocracy hand fed falsities eat til we're full complacent in dellusions thought, a relic of our past our wills broken spirits enslaved minds rife with atrophy land of the free out of date and replaced the mouth of god tainted by our sins we breathe their ideas as if they were ours we will suffocate in time leaders built of lies follow them blindly can we ever find our way open your eyes, open your mind how can we live a life that is not our own? by john m
in the forest glade under a blanket of darkness set the night aflame to her we are beckoned we sing her praises as hymns fill the air take steps unknown in our dance divine she is the air, breathe her in she is the earth, dance with her everything she is, beyond thought dancing through the night never to dance alone she's with us always held in our hearts she will be there to wipe away our tears listen to our everyword as she sings our praises blessed be
the lovers' dance the dreams of lovers dancing in the flames the world is still stuck in this moment warmed by the embers while we fan the fire spinning endlessly our hearts' music gives us rhythm the mystic melody let it overcome splendour grip tight blind to the world we alone breathe tonight words fall away unused a look, a touch, every carress a language still known wordless volumes spoken tell me it never ends our forever dreams the endless melody the lovers' dance. by john m
A Man's Dream A world of peace unified by love a man's dream a message of equality he said i could be I wish I could be a working class hero close your eyes open your mind set sail tonight the sea of dreams find a new place a kingdom unknown everybody's loved a throne ruled by peace prose to reality could this ever be if we imagine "they shot him" they called out echoing in every heart the dreamer, the poet struck down, taken away to stop a revolution to silence his cries "power to the people" the dreamer died that day but the dream lives the world must hold on not forget his words and strive to change dream the dream kill the discriminate eye can we be unified under a banner of love can we live together in a house of peace I ask you...... can we live the dream? by john m
The night is for us alone no one else in this world the stars sing our names take these lonely hands teach me to touch you guide my every carress navigate the soft seas my fingers, a gentle stream trickling over every curve waste not our time the sun will come calling chasing away the dream can this never end? live this utopian dream forever you and I and it starts with but a touch
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