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Hard 2 Handle's blog: "Question of the Day "

created on 11/14/2008  |  http://fubar.com/question-of-the-day/b259325  |  32 followers

OK, todays question....

First the set up... This is my blog, my question, so my scenario. Please don't say... "Well, that would never happen" or something along those lines. Cause in this particular case IT IS.

OK, so we all know that women fake orgasms. Its a fact. Yes, it has been done to you guys. More times than you realize. Now for the most part we do this to make the guy feel better. So his ego isnt bruised, or just down right destroyed.


With that in mind, here is the question I give you today....



Ladies, would you be able to stay with a man that, no matter how hard he tried, couldnt ever get you to orgasm?


Men,  Would you be able to stay with a woman that no matter what you did, she didn't orgasm? This means no faking either. LOL


In both scenario the sex was good - just minus the orgasm for her.


AGAIN, Don't venture out of this scenario. This is the situation I am asking you to comment on.


If you can't answer honestly, please don't comment.


This blog is hopefully going to help us get a little better insight into the opposite sex. And be entertaining and funny at the same time. It can only do that if we answer honestly. DONT Shout me your answers.


And Please check out previous questions and answer them if you haven't already.


Please rate this blog :)

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