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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Walking this earth without you, without your hand to hold, the sun don't shine as brightly, the path is long and cold, how do I find a way to show you, to somehow change what's in your heart, make you want to walk beside me, want to never be apart, the salt of every teardrop, cuts a gash into my soul, I love you and I need you, how can I face another day, I try to act like I am happy, pretend that everything's ok, when inside my heart is breaking, my world is dark and gray, Without You Here...

I'm alone and empty, the sun never seems to shine, I go through the days, with a longing that you where mine, just drifting in a haze, my every thought is of you,, nothing else means a thing, I try so hard to hide it, to never let you know, I put on a smile, I laugh and I joke, but deep inside I'm hollow, on the very food I need I choke, my heart stays in my throat, like a burning coal, some nights are so unbearable, I just lay there and think, if you where only here with me, my life would be complete, but for now I'll face the days, just like the nights before, with this aching deep inside me, it will never leave me, till the day I can finally hold you, then it will all go away, but I know for now, the pain is here to stay, Without You Here..

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