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SugarBooty's blog: "Why?"

created on 10/06/2006  |  http://fubar.com/why/b10947
Sorry to everyone ive been ignoring on here but to be honest ive become quite lazy with LC i was on here hardcore at the beginning but its starting to get old and also all these blogs ive posted and not too much feedback so its a waste of my time unless people start responding to my blogs i wont be writing many more WHATS THE POINT!I like feedback:D ANYWAYS friends ill try to get back into the groove of LC and if i dont comment or reply doesnt mean im ignoring you just that im lazy lmao....bye and if your reading this blog..comment on itttttttttt and i know who you are if you dont;) lol....one more thing id like to point out i DONT favor anyone on here.. i like you all the same:D MySt®
Well,the reason i change my background,my music and my pics so much is becuz i get bored of them very quickly!!I like change...change is what makes the world go round...if you read this blog SHIT at least leave a goddamn comment i dont write these things for me ...im a comment whore so gimme some fukn feedback DAMNIT!!or ill stop blogging lol...Just like my VS from yesterday not one damn comment!! sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh..i take the good ones with the bad ones so write a bad comment even lol...anything im not picky hehe.... whats the message im suppose to receive when someone re-rates my profile from a 10 to a 1 lmfao tff...did it change that bad?? hmmmmmm
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