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Has anyone ever been just ben stuck in a sitaution they dont want to be in any more and dont know what to do to get out of it .I know I am . I swore on my dads grave i wasnt going to part from my kids that I would always be in thier life no matter what .But know I dont know if that can even be . I'm stuck to where I dont know whats going on from way day to the next . I have trhee beatiful kids all by the same mother . She's been around for 13 yrs but have broke up a few times for differnt reasons I'll leave it at that . The only reason why I stay around now is only for my kids . Am I o wrong for wanting to make sure my kids have clean house ,food and most of all a roof over their head . However seeing how we have broke up several times and just for the last damn time yr ago . I dont see why I should have to suffer this much . i want a happy life and some one who resects me more . No I'm not perfect by no means ,but I always try to do right by my kids . That dont mean they get everything they want cuase I'm not raising them to be spoiled little brats or anything .just trying to make sure they have a decent home life is all . Most women say men are the pigs and the cheaters and shit . But what about those who looking to fuck your best friend or old bf or who ever . Aint they no better . PLus it pretty bad when you cant even trust your friends or any one else cuase every one out trying to hurt you in some way put you down in front of others or what have you . i know I've been done that way to many times now so this is why this account or myself might not be on FU for much longer I havent decided yet . I just know I have to make a change soon or wind up being as miserable as my mother before she past .

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