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So I have been on this site since 2006 and have gotten to know some great people and along the way I have made some wonderful friends who I will forever keep in my heart...

Let me make this clear now... I AM NOT going to leave fubar...
I am writing this blog because some people have asked me who "NJ_Nice_Guy" really is... who is the guy behind the name... See I have never been one to really speak much about myself... I just tell the basics and call it a day...

So this will be a little FYI on NJ_Nice_Guy...
YES it might be a little long...
So if you dont want to read all this then move on now...

A Little Background!
My parents came to the states from Portugal back in 1975 looking for a better place to start a family... They started working double shifts and saving all they could to get ahead in life... Sept. of '75 they had my sister and decided that 1 demon child was not enough so in July of '79 they had me....

My Part Of The Story!
So this is where I come in... I was born towards the evening hours of July 12th... I was born with a disability called Spina-Bifida... If you dont know what it is then take a look here... www.sbaa.org... For those of you who dont want to read up on it spina-bifida is a birth defect where the spinal cord does not form completely while the child is in the mothers womb causing some type of paralysis depending where on the spine it was found.


Lets Get This Out The Way....
I am writing this as a way to inform people who like to learn new things and to maybe give some knowledge to people who are a little narrow-minded.

Back To The Story...
By the age of 1 month I had 2 surgeries to close the hole in the spinal cord that was not completely closed... and from there until I was 17 i had a total of 13 surgeries... most on my legs to help straighten my legs and make them stronger for me to walk...

Now the reason I dont really speak about that part of my life that much is because my disability does not make me who I am... I make myself who I am... My disability is just a small part of who NJ_Nice_Guy is... And I dont let that part of me control who I have become or who I will be in the future...

I was never one to like school very much so I graduated high school in '97 with a low GPA... I didnt really want to go into college right away so i decided to take a break and relax for a while... That break ended up being 3 years... In December of 2000 my father passed away of a heart attack and it was then that I decided that sitting at home not doing anything with my life except being online was not the right thing for me... So I went to college where I became certified in website design and tech support... Took another year off and then went back to college for another course in web design along with flash design and microsoft helpdesk...

Right now I work at the college I was attending as a teachers assistant and also teach website design twice a week... I tend to keep to myself mostly only because in reality I am a very shy person... So online is a way to just let loose and relax... Enjoy chatting with friends and not having to worry about everyday life...

So there you have it guys... A small look at who NJ_Nice_Guy is... Sure I could keep talking and telling you more... but honestly I doubt many of you have read this much as it is...


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