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created on 12/05/2007  |  http://fubar.com/what-the/b163891
Im just thinkn out loud but what is up with this??? we have this war going on ok cool. why did this war start? was it the distruction of the twin towers? I think not. Was it because the leader of that country had wepons of mass distruction? i think not. is it because our fine president wanted a war so he could play army? i think not. is it because our fine president wanted to apiese the country because of the twin towers desaster? i think not. is it truely a war on terror??? i think not. to get to the world thing. in this country we had something called a labor union. does any one know why they were formed? if you know that than where have they gone? companies are making record proffit and workers are making record low wage compaired to inflation.(dont be telln me there is no inflation yall know thats BS) and thats up with the credit cards and the way they handle intrest and payments. banks have a licence to steal. if your account is over drawn they charge you per day till the account is brought back to a positive level. gas prices? talk about a licence to steal? ooooops we think their might be a storm in the south pacific and if might effect the CEOs vacation so we need to raise prices. but still record profit hmmmmmm........... ARE WE THINKN YET????? children say oh cool gas is under 3.00 a gallon good im glad its cheap to day. huh? prices all over are way out of line and people keep spending where are your heads? spending........ do we go there??? ok ya lked me onto it walmart....why do you people keep buying the bullcrap walmart sells? yall say but its cheap but people need to know why its cheap. its cheap because walmart is a big company that sells a huge amount of things. then they tell a company what they will but a product for and the lil wimpy company says where would we be if we didnt have walmart for a customer??? and has to cut cost somewhere else. and thats in the product you people are buying. look at the lables when you but where is it made? why would you want to have your money paying people in sweatshops in other countries than keeping that money here at home paying people here? the court system is is all the good ole boy system and no one can or will fix it bacause they are a part of that system. we have coureer polititions that just say this is the way its been and it worked for them so im not rocking the boat. a good attorney is hard to find if you have one keep them. dont evan share with your spouse because if it comes to a divorce they cant or wont work for you. (been there done that) costs are going up on everything except my wages.most companies (form what i hear) say we didnt make uor goals so you dont get a raise (dont forget record profit) people dont care about each other the way they did in the past. why? i think its because people expect to get something in return. it doesnt work that way just be kind to others is all we need to do. (what comes around goes around its true) should i go on????????????????????????? OR IS IT JUST ME????????????????????????
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