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Would you cry If we had to say goodbye Would you weep And cry yourself to sleep Would you still care If I couldn’t be there I need someone to support me To love whoever I want to be I need someone to care Someone to always be there I need someone to love me No matter what unconditionally I need someone to love me like they should And to always take the bad with the good I need someone to light up the dark And always be there to protect my heart I need someone to catch me if ever I fall And not need any praise at all If you cant love me Let me go let me be If you cant be there Don’t act like you care If you cant be that man Don’t ask for my hand I need to wake up to a smiling face I need someone to walk beside me through this place I need to know that I am loved And that it’s a blessing from above I need a man to forever be true So I really don’t need you
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12 years ago
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