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174103's blog: "what a joke"

created on 04/29/2008  |  http://fubar.com/what-a-joke/b211389
The Other Half Escapes By: The Evil Twin She curls up into a ball. Holding herself tightly. Rocking back and forth. She starts to cry. Not understanding the whole. Wishing she was someone else. Wishing she was somewhere else. Anywhere but here. Thoughts running throw her head. And in a moment, She is gone. I am out now. I’m free to play. Free to do as I please. Which isn’t good for her. Because I am evil. I am destruction. I want to destroy. The name of my game, Is kill or be killed. I reject all pain. And I know, My other half is dieing. And without both halves, There is none. I am stronger now, And I feed off her pain. The more pain I intake, The angrier I become. Seeking out the cause of this pain. Trying to subside, The breaking heart. I begin to laugh, Uncontrollably. Watching it all swirl around me. Could this be a new beginning for me? Will I gain the strength I need, To take her over once and for all?
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