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created on 10/26/2007  |  http://fubar.com/weekend/b146553
will ive spent 5 days here at Duke Unvi to have test done on me and 2 see if there was any other type of chemo therpy that will help me. the treatment im doing know has my face so messed up, my fingertips and toenails bleeding all the time. i cant wear tennis shoes all i can wear right now is sandels and flip flops. they also told me i dont have much time either like 3 years or less. the cancer in my lungs are 2 small to take out and they are on bot lungs and there is to many. all they can do is control them with chemo therpy and once my body gets use to the meds they have 2 change up but they dont have many to change with
will today i went in for my normal chemo therpy but be4 i started i wanted to talk 2 the dr. I was curious why i was doing so many scans and mri's and bone scans. she told me that they cannot kill the cancer cells in my lungs can only control them. she also told me i wasnt suppose to have live this long from stage 4 colon cancer and what i hav been thru. she said that only 8% live past 5 years and she doesnt see me living that long. I can not accept this no way in hell i been fighting this shit almost 2 years to let her tell me im dying. Im gonna get a second opinion a thrid , fourth whatever i need to fine some1 who can tell me something better and that they can help me beat the sicking diaease


will it never seems like i can get good news when i go to the dr's offices. 2 weeks ago after i did a MRI on my neck, shoulders and arms and hands ( couldnt use my arms or hands after surgery in OCT) the results were i hav bkundging disk in my nack and hav a hernia from the colon cancer i had in 06. I had ptscan last week and the rusult was i still hav cancer cells in my lungs on both sides and there were many. they told me i will be doing chemo for the rest of my life. they can not remove it all so they are going to try and contain what i hav from spreading again. i will and cant work again while i am in the army and most likely for a very long time after that. apply for SSI and they told me it will be 5 months be4 i get approve if i even get approved. The army is stil working on getting me out on a medical retirement and thats gonna take 4 to 6 months.
will this year is about to come to the end and it wasnt my year im glad its about over since its not been my best. heres how mine went. found out in Nov last year i had colon cancer and had emergerncy sugery to remove an 13" tumor but be4 it was caught (no thinks to military doctors) it spread to my rectum,liver and lungs. then i started chemo therpy in dec of last year was doing that for about four months then i came down very sick went back in the hospitqal for a infection on my rectum was in for about 13 day then 2 months later back in for the same reason was in another 11 days then 3 months later back in for the same problem ( the 3rd time) was in 14 days and almost died during this stay i had a fever of 104 for a couple of days heart rate went over 150 they had to put me in a straigh jacket cause i went crazy pulling iv's frommy body then about a month or so i went back in the hospital 2 hav surgery to clean my rectum out but they couldnt clean it so they remove it completely so now im stuck with tis bag attach to my stomache so i can use the bathroom they cut my stomache open a second time for this surgery so it hurts somewhat there had over a 150 stitches and staples so as u can see i cant wait util the new year starts maybe i can recontinue my chemo to get rid of the cancer in my lungs
will hope all my friends have a great weekend and they go out and do something fun and something u wanted to do in a long time you never know when you cant do the things u want to do cause of different reasons just go out and enjoy the weekend
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