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Rogue VooDoo's blog: "VooDoos' Words"

created on 03/23/2008  |  http://fubar.com/voodoos-words/b200628

I really have not been in a celebratory mood. Lack of finances, the recent passing of loved ones, the economy and general uncertainty about the future just makes it hard to get into the "Christmas spirit".

Yet, the closer we get to the date, the more I feel almost guilty for not putting up a front. But, ultimately, I'm gonna go with the way I feel down deep and... yeah... Bah friggin' Humbug!

Was watching the local sports news on the TV... The Texas Rangers have paid 52 million dollars to some Japanese team just to TALK to a Japanese pitcher in baseball. With the economy the way it is, why couldn't they use that 52 million to help feed the hungry here in the U.S.? Grrrr!

 Here I am... bored out of my gourd.  I've been told that I ought to create a blog. So, here is a blog...

 Blog. Such a weird word. As I sit here sipping on my Miller High Life (the champagne of beers)... stoned out of my head on my pain meds and muscle relaxers... I ponder. What the hell do I blog about?

 Maybe, I could tell the world a bit about myself. But, being as how I'm bored and seem to be living such a boring existence, what's the point? I've been feeling under the weather here lately. Just thought y'all should know that. Whoever "y'all" is. Really... Who actually reads these things?

 Maybe I could go on a rant about my belief in ancient alien visitation. I actually created a discussion group on this topic in a competitive social site. It is my belief that we humans are the product of an alien genetic experiment. Everyone wonders where the missing link is. You know, the link between chimpanzees and humans? Well, look to the skies. The Holy Bible and various other ancient texts tells us that the "sons of god (angels) looked on the daughters of men and took unto them wives..." Horny angels... go figure. The result of this union between angels and the daughters of man created the nephilum. God found the offspring of this union repulsive and created the great flood to wipe out the abomination. When he did this he created the earth dwelling demons. Freaky shit... no? I'm into crap like that. Religion. I'm not religious but enjoy studying different religious and spiritual philosophies. And then I digest them and create my own ideas about crap. I sometimes think that I am the anti-christ. I got to piss...

 Hey... can anyone tell me what a 1898 Russian ruble is worth?

 O'kay... so, there. I blogged.

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