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41 Year Old · Joined on August 10, 2006 · Born on November 22nd · 9 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!
41 Year Old · Joined on August 10, 2006 · Born on November 22nd · 9 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!

Catholic Protestant Christian Jewish Muslim Scientologist Seventh-Day Adventist Mormon Buddhist Hindu Kabbalah Krishna Agnostic Atheist Fascist Anarchist Republican Democrat Green Libertarian Communist Socialist Conservative Liberal Reactionary Radical Gen-X Gen-Y Juggalo Punk Mod Geek Nerd Prep Jock Goth Skater Theater-kid Straight Gay Bi Transgender Black White Hispanic Asian Indian Native-American Middle-Eastern self-proclaimed bastard child. Artist poet dreamer doer leader follower philosopher musician constant skeptic ever-open self-contradiction tiptoeing through the garden scattering seeds of whatever this world needs and singing songs of nonsensical gibberish. Some set out to simply teach. I strive to learn and let learn. I LOVE MUSIC. Classic rock & progressive, old punk none of that new shit, real talent, minimal power chords, please no pop or country! Opera's great, rap's alright, tho nobody knows what I get from listening to that... SELF PROCLAIMED POET LAUREATE OF MY TOUR BUS which means jack shit considering my mates couldn't write their way out of a paper bag. I write, tho. Judge for yourself.MAD ART SKILLZ thats right I'm an artist and no that's not just an excuse for being poor and acting weird. Don't believe me? Well.. well... TOO BAD EARS AND A SHOULDER I've got a terrible reputation as a guy. I actually listen. and I'm soft and cuddly. I swear to god I'm not just trying to pick up chicks with that line. I'LL THINK OF MORE LATER Peace out.

41 Year Old · Joined on August 10, 2006 · Born on November 22nd · 9 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!
writing, performing. I'm a man of music, if I weren't a musician, I would commit suicide and that's a fact. Bam once again dragged me into another one of his stupid ideas, so I'm here now. I like to go out and have fun, but at the same time, I like to be alone, there has to be a balance.
black sabbath, judas priest, iggy pop, bloodhound gang, cky, the rasmus, 69 eyes.

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  • Psychobunny fub...Ville
    Happy effin birthday!!!! I love u man!!!!!!!

    8 years ago · Reply
  • silvermoonVille
    greetings from Macedonian fan of HIM

    10 years ago · Reply
  • MzSaydieVille
    I THINK YOU'RE FUCKIN FINESend this to all ur sexii friends.Including person who sent it to u....?SeXy?..?SeXy?...?SeXy?...?SeXy?.?SeXy?.......?SeXy?...?SeXy.?.....?SeXy?......?SeXy?...........?SeXy??SeXy?......?SeXy?.?SeXy?.......?SeXy?...?SeXy?...?SeXy?.........?SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy??SeXy?.......?SeXy?.?SeXy?.....?SeXy?..?SeXy?...?SeXy?...?SeXy?.?SeXy?....?SeXy??SeXy?....?SeXy??SeXy?...?SeXy?.?SeXy?..?SeXy?...?SeXy?.?SeXy?.....?SeXy??SeXy?.......?SeXy??SeXy?......?SeXy??SeXy?......?SeXy??SeXy?.....?SeXy?.?SeXy?...?SeXy?..S?eXy?.?SeXy?...?SeXy?SeXy??.......?SeXy?......?SeXy?......?SeXy?

    10 years ago · Reply
  • 11 years ago · Reply
  • MakydsdaddyVille
    Dude you must teach me how you hypnotize these chicks.... I mean they alllll love you....even my grandma loves Valo....Htf do you do that???!!! LMAO

    11 years ago · Reply
  • Someone ⇒ Ville

    11 years ago · Reply
  • 11 years ago · Reply
  • vaarallinenVille
    music and cigarettes are mostly the only reason i'm alive. i feel you there.

    11 years ago · Reply
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