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Disciple Jinx's blog: "Venting"

created on 02/27/2007  |  http://fubar.com/venting/b59876

Why why why can't she understand that although she is the grandma of my son his daddy is in jail and I don't really care to personally call her when my son is ill.  Ok granted I spent Thursday in the Urgent Care and then the ER with a diagnosis of pneumonia for him but hell I posted the updates to Facebook where she is a friend and if she wanted to know she could have called or texted like my family did - but NO.  Now I am hearing she is pissed I didn't personally call her or keep her informed.  Makes me so pissed off.  She is nothing but a pain in the a$$.  She won't come see her grandson - I have to take him to her.  Then add baby daddy in jail and her wanting me to find out when he is getting out, paying money on his inmate account so she doesn't have to - this is ridiculus.  Done with her and done with that family.  Doesn't offer to help and doesn't care unless it makes them look bad. 

So got a call this morning at 1am and then another at almost 2 - me being asleep I didn't answer but it seems my ex decided to get shitfaced and shoot off his gun at the apartment he is living at.  His landlord was calling me because he told them to make sure I was notified - yea like I want a call about that at 1am.  Anyway I finally got over there and managed to get the dog and most of his crap out - landlord kicked him out and judging from the charges he won't be back for a long while.  I'm pissed because instead of a nice normal working day I had to spend it getting his shit - which is technially my old stuff I gave to him just to get him to leave - and adding a dog into the house on top of dealing with his mom.  Just for kicks I went through his phone - why because I pay for it - and found messages to and from chicks about how they were the love of his life and he was going to sober up etc - at least 4 via text.  Do I feel guilty for looking no.  Do I feel guilty for sending a mass text to everyone in his address book about his adventure last night - heck no.  Does that make me a bad person - I really hope not.  Anyway I called the detention center today to get an update and he currently as 2 charges - possession of an illegal firearm and discharging said illegal firearm while intoxicated.  Yea GA don't play nice on those charges and everywhere I have read he is looking at at least 5 years.  Thinking about selling all his crap except for a few important items and using the money to buy clothes and diapers for our son.  Just so mad at him for being such a jerk (I'm being nice)  Maybe the drama will decrease now - cross your fingers for me

This is just a vent to get it off my mind more than anything. My friend is a good girl from what I know of her however lately it is like she is begging for trouble. She moved out of her abusive relationship and found a new place to be but in the process one of her male friends had a heart attack. Well she sort of expressed her feelings for him - she liked him etc and was worried. They started seeing each other and of course things were good until she realized she had feelings for another guy. Long story short she didn't let guy A know and went out with guy B. Bad choice in my opinion but I am not the one making the decisions. Guy A found out and now she is minus him in her life. Guy A went and spoke to Guy B who promptly went out with another girl so now my friend is talking to me about the situation and how things were done to her etc. Remarkably she does express some guilt in the situation now (initially she didn't) Lovely day isn't it. To top it all off she was out with two other guys this weekend at the event I was at and was flirting with them. Like I said she is a good girl but this has got to be begging for trouble if she continues.
I had a great weekend - heck I called in today because I was so tired from this weekend. I went to an SCA event called Wastelands and it was fun. I met some new friends, got inducted into a household, Ummm did a bit of payback on another household and got sunburned. What a great way to spend my "I just got done with school" weekend. Back to real life though and I know my work is piling up on me - Argh why can't a girl take a break, have some fun, and not have to stress about the crap she is going to get when walking back into the office the next day?? Is that to hard to ask for? Oh the other hand my ex has not surfaced for over two months now, I don't know whether to be happy or wonder if he is planning something - say like quitting work so I don't get any child support. Waiting to see on that one. Ok back to bed for me - everyone have a great day.
My Aunt Sandy came home today. Mom is taking care of her and giving her medication every 4 hours. Mom is looking into renting a car because Sandy has a difficult time getting in and out of Laura's van. While in the hospital Sandy was taken off all medication - including her pain medication. When she was admitted into the hospital her blood count was down to 2.5 - at 2 they put you in a casket because you die. By blood count I mean the amount of blood in your system so she had been losing a lot of blood. Her stomach is no longer flat but extended and her belly button is being pushed out. This could be a result of the medication she was given or something else. The cancer is in her stomach now. She goes back to her cancer doctor on Tues. Mom is extremely pissed at the hospital since it took 2 hours to get a glass of water for Sandy last night and it seems it was no one's job to do that every time the request was made. Mom is there for at least two weeks and if Sandy is better and mom feels it is ok for her to leave she will visit Pat and Grandma before calling her taxi (me or dad) to come and get her. One other thing - Sandy has jerking spasms in her arms and legs - again it may be a result of the medication or something else but the description given to me was picture a bug on it's back dying with the jerking movements and you have an idea of what she is doing. Everyone looks for the rainbow at the end of the rainy day. I am waiting for the day when the rain stops.
Oh well I knew it was to good to last. I called my parents tonight to see how things were going and to let them know my daughter was not going to her Girl Scout meeting tomorrow. Well my mom asks if I got the e-mail about my aunt in Ft. Lauderdale - no what is going on. Apparently she is throwing up blood and had to be placed in the hospital. She was stabilized a few hours ago and now I get to wait on my mom to call me with more information on the reason why my aunt was throwing up blood. My aunt has cancer - it was breast cancer which went into remission, then progressed to lung cancer and now is brain cancer. It moves each time and she is taking chemo treatments. Her weight had dropped to below 100 pounds but as of last week she was back up to 115 pounds. My mom is so worried - I can tell and I know there is other stuff she is not telling me because she doesn't want me to worry about it. I love my parents for trying to protect me but I would rather get the entire story now than hear it in bits and pieces. Don't expect to much from me for the next few days - I have to see where this is headed and I have to be there for my parents whenever they need me. On another note I spoke with my other aunt - my dad's sister and got an update on my grandmother. When it rain it pours. Anyway they are switching her meds to help with the pain medication of her back and shoulders. The doctor put her on a time release medication and darn if it doesn't work better - yeah some good news. My grandmother comes up every summer to give my aunt a break and this year she will be staying with me - my parents don't know this yet but it makes since since I have a single level house and they have a multi-level house. Plus with the kids home they can watch grandma and make sure she has anything she needs. We are putting that visit off until all the trips to the doctors are done and they know what is wrong with her neck and shoulder hurting her and the new medications kick in - see if there are any side effects and all. I love my life - anyone want to trade?
I went to Beltane in Kings Mountain this weekend. A girlfriend had invited me because she thought it would be something I would be interested in seeing. She was right and I went on Saturday and stayed until Sunday. I watched a handfasting and witnessed dischordia plus got to sit in on a drum lesson. Not to mention all the wonderful people I met. And one place you could shop and buy a bead for $10 and get some cherries that had been soaking in Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur - AWESOME. I absolutely loved it and probably slept the best I have slept in a few weeks even if it was a cabin with only mats for bedding. And no I don't think it was the cherries that did it either. BTW I got some to take home with me for later - lol. I love being in the woods so this was a very relaxing weekend for me and I am glad I was invited to go and will probably go back next year. Maybe I will participate in dischordia - who knows.
I went to pick up my daugther from school yesterday. I get this call from Eddie - the 3rd husband of my brother's ex wife. Now for those that don't remember Tina married my brother - divorced, married my ex husband - divorced and then married Eddie. Eddie is pretty cool though and he wanted to let me know that there was going to be drama tonight. It seems that my ex got kicked out of the place he was staying at with his girlfriend. So he has been living in his car for the past two days. Eddie said Tina would call me later to arrange a meeting place so Daryl and I can talk and that if I liked I could let my daughter come stay with them instead this weekend. Checked with her and she was good with staying over there. Went to my mom's house to chill until I got the phone call from Tina - came two hours later. Tina, Eddie and Daryl came over to 'talk' about his situation. I am reasonably sure I should have felt sorry however all I really felt was pity and apathy towards him. The story he gave was something like this: He and his girlfriend were living together in this house. They moved out to move into another house not really sure why he didn't go into details on that issue. The second house was going to have the power turned off so they moved back in with her parents. That went on for a few weeks - during this time he lost his job at Wal-Mart (part-time buggy boy) and got written up at his main job. His girlfriend was stealing money from him - using his bankcard without his permission (hmmm this sounds familiar since he accused me of doing that back in Dec) Every thing he said was always someone's fault and not his - boy does that sound familiar to me since I had heard the same thing not more than a few months ago. He gave the sob story about sleeping in his car the past two nights and I seriously think he wanted me to offer him a place to stay - NOT HAPPENING EVER! Once he finished talking they left and I was left to explain the whole situation to my parents who had stepped out of the house so we could have a private discussion. Needless to say I am concered about the situation only to extent it affects my daughter. Personally I say he made his choices and has to live with the end results. Will he learn - probably not. So baby daddy drama continues....tune in in two weeks to get the next update unless something happens before then - LOL Oh I forgot to add in something earlier - he was saying how his car was in ill repair and how he didn't have money for food either. sorry posted to the wrong folder earlier
Another day another drama unfolds. First off let me warn anyone in Catawba NC my daughter is learning how to drive tomorrow with the driver's ed instructor - you might want to stay off the roads. I was supposed to get my nephew tonight so we could go shopping for his birthday present - nice aunt that I am. Well I get this call from my brother saying how that plan was now canceled. Seems my darling nephew was part of a 911 prank call about his school. Needless to say he is suspended for 3 days and I hate to think of what punishment he will get from his parents. His birthday is now off and so is his present from me. On top of that my brother wanted me to notarize a paper for my sister-in-law about how she had signed in the wrong place on a car title. So I met her halfway to do that - being the nice person I am. Well I get to talking to her and she says she is no longer pregnant - that she miscarried on Monday. Makes me think it was a sham to begin with - long story and read the other blogs to get the details. So what's a girl to think - I barely have anything to do with my brother currently and this makes me want to stay away even more if it wouldn't mess up my relationship with my parents. OH well something to think about when I am trying to sleep tonight. End vent - lol.
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