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anna's blog: "Annas Realm"

created on 10/13/2006  |  http://fubar.com/annas-realm/b13343
Block you out, I won't listen, 'Cause I think it's the point you're missin', I tried so hard to make you proud, To drown out the noise but it's just to loud. Inside I just keep swirling, This coaster of emotions throwing me over, Nauseating memories consume and I feel like hurling, I'm such an unrepairable wonder. I keep dragging my self through each day, Though I want to lay down and die, No one hears a word I say, The don't see through my lies. Happy smiles, outgoing fraud, My mirror image is no more then a facade, I'm just fake, More then the world can take. Fire burns inside my soul, And death whispers in my ear, I try so hard but can't climb out from my bottomless hole, I'm loosing control, like driving a car without knowing how to steer. Crashing into hell, such a blistering inferno, Locked inside a blizzard of emotions, there's no place left to go, Going deaf due to the piercing screams, Like is not what it seems. I can't stop to smell the roses, For they've all withered, turned to black, No one acknowledging my struggle, believing how difficult it is, They just point their fingers and pick out everything I lack. I'm not good enough right, So I'm not wrong, I should punish myself, slice away and bleed at night, Play out the fait that has been awaiting me for far to long. I'll fade away, haze over this life, Die in the nothingness I've become. End all the words, end the fights, You disapproval cuts like a knife. If they keep cutting so will I, for I can't handle your words, So I dig deep hoping to heal myself with bloody medication. Your words are poison sealed with a kiss so toxic. I know you long for my death, For me to breath my last pittiful breath, So I'll fulfill your wishes. Kill myself and drown no more, Just fade and die in your sea of deadly venom kisses.
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