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Ani's blog: "Vagina"

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/vagina/b10534
In a male-dominated world, Vagina has a myriad of connotations from the very vulgar to the truly enlightening. I capitolize the word Vagina for a specific reason as to me the Vagina is the source of all that is, the female energy, the Yoni. I find, however, that the word Vagina is taboo. The other day, while visiting my favorite bookstore, I bought the book, The Vagina Monologues, wonderful and enlighting source of information I might add, the woman behind the counter, a woman in her late 60's, gently turned the book over so that others behind me may not be forced to see the word that is taboo. While checking me out she commented that her son saw the play, The Vagina Monologues on campus and that after seeing the play, he felt dirty for days. How utterly and totally repulsive the thought of a man thinking that the very organ that briught him forth life made him feel dirty. Dirty? Dirty? Why on earth does society teach us that the Vagina is dirty? How dare anyone tell me that the organ that my children were birthed is dirty! What have we as women become to society to be deemed dirty? Ha!! How dare they!! Without our dirty little organs, the world would come to a halt, man would cease to exist. Yet we are dirty!! The very vessel of creation, the source of humanity, the mother of humankind, but dirty. Quite patriarchal and controlling train of thought, is it not? Sad, however, that even women have succumbed to the thought that their Vagina, their source of Yoni, their vessel of creation is dirty as well. It has become the pussy, the cunt, the twat , beef curtain, beef taco.........the list goes.............and goes. I challenge any woman to do this: Take a moment for yourself, go into the bathroom, light some candles, fill your tub with very warm water and droplets of your favorite essential oil, listen to some music by Enigma or what ever it is that calms your soul, take your clothes off, step into the warm tub, slowly seat yourself, and relax, tatally relax, and breathe, feel the energy of the female force within you, relax and gently take your fingers, place them between your thighs and unto your Vagina and touch, feel, discover yourself and what is you. There is NOTHING dirty about you, is there? You have not only discovered yourself but you have discovered your mother, your sister, your grandmother, your aunt, your best friend, every woman before you and every woman after you, you have discovered the feminine, the divine organ of the female. What is it we must do to teach the world, to empower women, to enlighten men about the wonderful organ that lies between our legs. To teach them that it is not a filthy, dark, musky, thing they thought it was but the beautiful, creative, vessel of life and energy................ Angelina .
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