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created on 05/09/2007  |  http://fubar.com/untitled/b80982


i'm planning to delete my account. why i'm sure you're asking. well b/c it's over-rated. no one really cares about ACTUALLY making friends. it's all about the rating,fans,an who can be a bigger slut or whatever. This is nothing more than a popularity contest that i'm not sure i really wanna be a part of anymore. so if you're a REAL friend.. let me know what you think of my rant. if you're not then,i know who my REAL friends really are.
Heartbroken All alone without you now I'm hurting more than I should allow What we had has gone and passed It happened all so fast I wonder where we went wrong with it all I wonder if I should pick up the phone to call My heart is breaking,my body is aching My tears run down my cheek God i think i sprung a leak In the days,in the nights This i just getting to hard to fight I can't do this anymore,I gotta tell you what's bugging me I gotta ask"Why did you decide to leave me?" Did you mean it when you said you loved me? Or was it all just a lie? For me to leave you alone and let you get by Tell me I'm imagining it all,that all this is a dream Why did you have to be so mean? It's okay though,I'm going to move on Each day,I'm going to be much more strong I'm going to put you outta my mind And look for a love that's one of a kind So goodbye to you and everything we ever had Fuck being sad
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