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dispicable thoughts, burn in muh heart, muh conscious is lost, mystic smiles from the demons, shawdows darkened da cross, kno thur sum smiles im runnin after, impatient, waitin fer the rature as a spirtual bastard, i understand it, not gon make it 2 heaven, im standin, starin down the barrle of a loaded 357, prayin god would u take me, take me, before dey break me, seems muh past is comin back 2 rape me, now im heartless, but knowin u dont give a fuck, fuelin muh anger wit violence, dis world made me who i am, den hated me 4 it, gave em a piece of muh heart, den da bitchez ignored it, so distorted, dis picture of all obsession, feel like a whore, used at da worlds discression, muh lesson, becamin a blessin in descuise, knowin these hypocrites could never see through muh eyez, so i idolise, da pain that i felt, slowly find muhself, out between the beauty of an angel & da darkness of hell, the reincarnation of satan, within the womb awaitin, a mothers milk, 2 revive a baptisim of hatred, muh curse is muh blessin, muh blessin muh pain, muh pain is understandin, muh life wont change, so estranged, 2 this voice i dont wanna listen, a depiction, painted in da blood of jesus crist crusifiction, a prediction. prophetised by da evil ive done, askin god for his blessin, as i murder his son, jesus understand, these streetz made me who i am, hungry & hopeless, wit a sk auto round in muh hand, never did give a damn, bout life or its worth, cuz it hurt 2 think it was da end result of muh birth, god ur muh only hope now, honestly, so i ask u for forgiveness, holdin muh breath, please take me as i am, accept muh imperfections, im jus a victum of da devils deception, i was dropped into this world, had a fortune clutched in muh palm, would never understand that fortune, till that fortune was gone, gave away a piece to anyone that told me dey loved me, never once saw dey face, muh stomache grew hungry, after years of givin, recievin nothin in return, stood empty handed, hurt, by da lesson i learned, muh fortune was muh heart, a gift that i shared, with a world full of greedy mother fuckers, who never cared, now im heartless, prayin to god, give me a heart, so i can love da hypocrites, da ones who tore it apart, too late for contemplation, this hatred im facin, gon b da very thing 2 kill dis breath im wastin, need ur love, 2 comfort me jesus, before muh own aggression begins 2 tear me 2 pieces, made muh bed, now i sleep in it, hurt & cold, dear god, please take muh soul.....
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