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CharmedCajunAngel's blog: "trust"

created on 04/05/2008  |  http://fubar.com/trust/b204592
Ok you guys I may sound crazy, but I often wonder if I will ever trust any of my friends again or go on without anyone to trust? I have come to realize that I trust none of my friends any more.. So I wonder will I ever find a best friend again? It has come to my attention that over the last two years, since my ex best friend slept and married my ex husband, I have alienated all my friends and even my true best friend of 14 yrs. So what am I to do who do I have to cry to, to tell me the truth when I need it or someone that if I just needed a shoulder to cry who will be there? So I have been going on these last 2 yrs and never realizing that I was destroying a part of my life a little by little.. I know we all need our friends especially one's that we can trust no matter what.. I have a ton of friends ,but no one that I could call in a spur of the moment if I was really down or something I was so excited about that I had to holler for joy from the roof tops.. Who would it be. After you have gone through something that has stolen your trust could you ever go back and trust someone again, not the same person, but one that you have met and you want to trust them, but just don't know if you can.. I do know that I want to trust again, but just don't know if I can... Will I ever be able to trust anyone again?... Who can I trust? Is it wrong to really want to have a best friend? To love a best friend because no matter what they will always be there for you and you for them....
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