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True Americans don't hate, nor do true Christians, nor true practitioners of the Islamic faith. A good friend of mine correctly pointed the Christian part out to me after my last little tyraid about how it was not necessarily significant it was that hate groups back my favored candidate. - Go Ron Paul! - It did inspire another tyraid though and this one is feeling far longer than the first.

My friend noted that I made reference to members of the "NWO" as right wing Christians.. and being a Christian herself, took some quite politely presented and carefully questioned offense at the implication inherent in my statement. True Christians are no more likened unto those hate mongers than true Muslims are like the radical fundamentalists who wage war against -- anything that is not their view of their faith.

The reason those radical sectors of the world population seem to keep attacking the US is because we are the most significant presence, and therefore the largest threat.. to their little corner of the world and their way of life. Hate breeds hate and the world has enough of that on its own without "strongarm politics" added to the heap. I am never PROUDER to be an American, than I am when I see someone speaking out against anything that they think we are doing wrong as a people! This is what I - and most everyone that I fought directly alongside - were fighting for.

When we landed in Saudi and then were camped there in the desert for a year living in tents we had a lot of time to contemplate what it was that we held most dear. We started doing that right after ( as noncoms ) we explained to everyone who said they'd like to participate in our little discussion group that no matter what decisions we arrived at as a group, that our current status did not allow for us to take any kind of action on those decisions that would interfere with the mission assigned to us by our commanders.

We, being literate folk and linguists by trade.. were quite well aware of all sides of the story, including the influence that the practice of slant drilling ( using US bred technology ) into Iraqi reserves had on the great Sodomist's decision to strike out against Kuwait in the manner that got this ball rolling. Ironically, Sadaam's personal and professional record of abuse as a leader seemed to overwhelm any righteous indignation that he seemed to derive from the acts that he claimed led him to wage war. Not one of us questioned whether or not we should drive on with our mission.. because that was our mission.

As Americans temporarily and necessarily stripped of some of the freedoms we were sworn to protect, we were still bound by our oath to defend them in the way that our commanders deemed fit. The fact that those commanders were and are led by a corrupt administration and system of politics did not make them any less our commanders.. and the military eats, sleeps, breathes, lives and sometimes dies by that system. The only saving grace is in that the military system of rule works quite well... for the military. The military is not a political tool though! Contrarily, it is supposed to be the apolitical last resort.

We have a problem now with an adolescent clown being loosed on the world with the mighty Excalibur. We need to stop that most directly - or .. "mos' d'rekly" as my more colloquially inclined brethren would say. So be proud ... and speak out ... and speak out especially against corruption and the corporate control of our leaders that is the natural result of the systematic abuse of the ideology that the military is intent on protecting.

Support our troops! They are engaging the enemy as they are directed.. and it is what they must do to survive. This does not mean remaining silent about an unjust war .. and it SURE doesn't mean we should stop taking potshots at politicians who would refuse to accept the same system of support in retirement that the rest of us do.. they are public servants! Their office was originally intended to be its own and exclusive honor. They are not supposed to be there to get rich. There was a lot of study performed as our country and our system of government were being established.

One particularly respected political scholar and theorist at the time by the name of Alexis DeToqueville offered some in depth evaluations of the process. In short, his works proposed that if we did not follow the concept of the constitution as a living document that the grand experiment would fail. He stated that if the constitution and its amendments were not publicly reviewed and revised from top to bottom every 20 years at a minimum that the system of government that was proposed and accepted would BECOME a corporation, incapable of reflecting the will of the people over their drive for corporate - monetary - success.

Sound familiar? Ben Franklin seemed to agree.. when upon departing from the official signing ceremony responded to the question "Well what do you think you have accomplished?" with the reply "We've built a republic.. if you can keep it" Then the powers that be, increasingly corporate driven interest, set about carving the constitution as it was originally written in stone and setting the stone in concrete. This became the tradition as the current idea of the constitution developed into a constitutional substitute that was quite similar to the 10 commandments of the bible .. which is not what the constitution was ever intended to be.

They did it to freeze the existing public power, and forward from there began to systematically disassemble every protection that was ever built in to protect the people from that same threat that was so intensely discussed and carefully included in the design! Don't get me wrong.. it's not a grand conspiracy, its a natural progression of the human condition. Our bent toward greed and other self serving instantly gratifying pleasures is natural. It feels good.. so they do it. It requires less thought and no contemplation that way.

For this country to GET to the point that politicians started to enjoy their "favored citizen status", that corruption had already begun. Every battle that has been fought since has in some way altered the not only the face but the soul of those ideals. Why should we try to save that idealistic world that was meant to have been created? Well .... because we're proud Americans ... and we should be. Let's get Excalibur back and slay that old dragon .. forthwith. We CAN do this through nonviolent means. Oh.. I almost missed the ugly Americans .. they hate and are very self centered. Everything else still applies to them whether they like it or not. Maybe THEY should go find a place that agrees with their concepts.

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