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Master Darius's blog: "Torrid............"

created on 08/17/2009  |  http://fubar.com/torrid/b306508

Tori had been hooked on cyberspace for six months.  Using "Online, USA" had begun as a lark, something to fill her time and an outlet for her need to write. There are so many interesting people out there, she'd reasoned, why not meet a few? And indeed she'd met more than a few. Since she herself had two screen names, she could be anyone she chose to be. Take for example the guy in Seattle with 48 piercings. He knew her as TorridOne.  She had told him she was a tattooed sexual submissive. Which was mostly true. Besides, she had laughed, did he really have a subincised penis?  Or what about her favorite friend in NJ. A very addictive man who loved women. She spent hours talking to him. Even got a POBox for there special mail. With him she was BlackLace. Often she had contemplated meeting him, wondering if he was really as good as he seemed.   Truthfully she didn't really care if they were real or fantasies. She longed to live out, safely and vicariously, all the dark little sexual fantasies that she just couldn't mention to her friends.

 One evening after tucking in the family, she clicked the  sign on button hoping to find some company. While slipping out of her clothes she periodically glanced at the screen watching each step of  slow sign on process. Pulling her nightshirt over her head she heard the familiar synthetic voice "You have mail!" Little did she know when she sat down to read it that this mail would change her life. 

 Tori read the two-line email message send to her wilder persona, Torrid One.  Interesting, she'd thought.  An aggressive guy into the "rape thing." Yet something had stirred inside her, a hidden fantasy. Tori had always wondered what it would feel like to be attacked or forced. To be used as nothing more than some man's toy.

 Tori had corresponded with the man for a week or so.  They'd shared fantasy stories and little personal facts - nothing, she'd been sure, that could lead him to her. They never exchanged addresses or photos, so how could he find her?  They'd shared a phone call or two, but that was it. During one innocent call, Tori had mentioned that she would be alone all weekend.  No big deal, she'd told him, just a rare and welcome occasion when she had the house all to herself. He'd seemed happy for her.

 She'd shopped all day and gotten home late.  Tori opened a bottle of wine, dropped a CD on the player, and headed for the bathtub to unwind in a long, solitary bath. (Now there was something she almost never had!)  She finished off half the bottle of wine in the process. 

 Stepping out of the tub, her thoughts turned to hopes that one of the lonely, horny men she knew would be online.  In a moment of wine-induced playfulness, Tori opted to wear something slinky. That way if she were asked what she was wearing, she could tell the sexy truth.  Reaching into the drawer, she selected a black silk teddy, with laces from crotch to tits.  It was very tight.  With a wicked giggle, she stepped into black stiletto pumps.  Just as she was about to settle down in front of the computer she heard a brief clicking sound from the front room.  Lord, was someone at the door? 

    She grabbed her black robe, and headed toward the front of the house. Her quick scan of the living room showed her nothing out of place. The peephole in the door revealed only a fish-eye view of her front porch . Must have been the CD player shutting off....  Satisfied, she walked over to the player and removed the soundtrack to 9 1/2Weeks from its jewelcase.  As the music started, she swayed in her best Kim Bassinger imitation. As Tori turned back toward her bedroom she saw him. The intruder stood right in front of her, calmly taking in the view of her semi-nudity. Instinctively she grabbed her open robe, closing it around herself, too shocked to think clearly.

The intruder was dressed all in black.  A knife held casually in his right hand. It wasn't an especially big knife, but it was big enough. Clutching her robe she tried to look at his face. But as his eyes roamed up and down her body all she could think about was the knife. It mesmerized her the way his thumb and fingers stroked the blade. They stood there for what seemed to be an eternity. He seemed so calm, determined, almost forming his plan as he looked at her. She jumped when he began to move toward her. Grasping her hands he brushed them away, letting her robe fall to the floor.She started to move back but he was to fast.

 "Please don't" was all she could choke out before his hand covered her mouth. He could see the fear in her eyes, and it set him ablaze as though it were gasoline tossed on a fire. 

Sliding behind her, he moved her toward the back of the house. Once in the bedroom he turned her around and pushed her back onto the bed. Still not saying a word he climbed on top of her. Placing the knife between his teeth, he took a pair of handcuffs out of his back pocket and  cuffed her to the brass headrail. His hands slowly glided down her arms to her face. Running a finger along her lips and down her throat , he stopped between her breasts as she pleaded for mercy. With his free hand he took the knife from his teeth and placed in to her lips. When she was quiet he slid off her and looked around the room. Tori watched as he moved toward her desk, the light from the computer illuminating his face. A smile formed on his lips as he ran his hand over the screen. He began rummaging  through the desk, removing a roll of duck tape and something she couldn't see.  Placing the unknown object in his pocket he turned his attention back to her.

The roll of tape spun around on his fingers as he turned toward her. He removed the knife from her lips, placing it on a nearby night stand and tore a piece of tape off the roll. Before she could protest he shut her up. Then the man paused, in apparent contemplation.   Slowly, he walked around the bed, surveying his captive.  Her legs still free, Tori desperately tried to kick him as she struggled. He left the bedroom for a moment, and returned with the tie from her robe.  He quickly secured her legs together.  Satisfied that she could not escape, he turned away from the bed. 

 She watched him examine her closet. Panic rose in her throat. If he finds the boxOh God no!   Tori shook her head violently from side to side , as he triumphantly took the box from its hiding place.

 The man removed his shirt and slid onto the bed with Tori.  Taking up his knife again, he severed the laces holding her teddy together.  One by one, he revealed  her body more with every cut. Carefully, he placed the point of the knife at the entry of her pussy and smiled at how suddenly she stopped moving. He cut the thong, leaving her body nakedly exposed before him.  Tucking the knife into his back pocket he grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, pinching her nipples even harder, and watching avidly as she winced in pain.  She could see him smile, the light from the computer casting an eerie glow on his face.  He let go of her nipples and reached into his pocket. When he opened his hand to reveal its contents Tori's eyes widened in terror. He laughed as her muffled screams grew louder. One at a time he pinched each reddened nipple into the vise-like grip of a paper clamps.

He stepped to the side of the bed watching as her body writhed in pain. Her ears roared with the sound of her strangled cries. Then above the roar she heard it, the distinctive hiss of leather as it cuts the air.  Her eyes flew open as her own cat-of-nine-tails connected sharply with her breasts.  Her screams desperately tried to escape the tape. The man continued his assault, the stinging blows of the cat moving up and down her body , tangling painfully now and again in the nipple clamps. 

 She  was openly crying now, her tears begging her attacker to stop. He flicked on a light, smiling. Her body was a mass of red welts, crisscrossing her breasts and stomach. Moving to the end of the bed, he grabbed her legs and flipped her over. The clamps bit into her swollen breasts, bending her nipples sideways, sending new spasms of pain through her body. She renewed her muffled cries, begging for him to stop, but he couldn't - or wouldn't - hear her. 

Then he began his assault on her ass. But he wanted it done right. He was quite strong, and despite her ankles being tied, he managed to get her on her knees, presenting her ass nicely. Her  throbbing tits ached as the clamps brushed the bed. His hand moved slowly down her back as she vainly tried to squirm away from him. Parting her ass, he harshly shoved two fingers into her cunt and laughed out loud when he saw how wet she was. 

 Soaked and shaved, too -- how nice to know she's enjoying herself, he mused. He quickly began whipping her ass and legs again. Harder and faster then before. Her whole body was awash with the pain of stinging, throbbing welts.  Cutting the tie that bound her legs, he spread them wide. Her resistance was gone. Her own sexual desires were taking over now.  Despite all her protests, she wanted this.  The cat landed two more times, expertly hitting her clit both times. Even the tape couldn't hold back her agony. Dropping the whip, he ran his hand over her welted ass. Tori flinched at his touch as he turned her over.   He removed his pants, dropping the knife near her head, and climbed onto her chest, his cock only inches from her face. His naked ass pressing against her tortured tits making them swell against the clamps. 

Picking up the knife from the bed he ran the blade along her face. She didn't dare speak as he ripped the tape off her mouth with his free hand. She felt his cock against her chin.  Knowing what he wanted her mouth opened slowly. In one move the attacker shoved his whole cock into her mouth. Hard and deep. He looked into her eyes as he applied a light pressure to her cheek with the knife. Terrified, Tori began to suck the intruder's cock. She sucked harder as he moved his tool in and out of her hot mouth. He slid it deep down her throat until she gagged, then slowly withdrew. She's good, he thought with a laugh.  Even bound and forced, she can suck cock like a pro. 

 Leaning forward, he grabbed the headrail. He pumped his cock in and out of her mouth like it was a pussy. He rammed it deeper with every push. Her lips grazed his belly with every thrust. He loved the way her face looked. An erotic  mix of lust and fear. Every time he pulled back she gasped for air. She thinks she'll never breathe again. He mused. With one last thrust, he came. He unloaded his gift in her mouth and on her face, then rubbed his cock on her lips until she took him in again.  She sucked him clean, sure he would leave her alone now,  yet hoping he wouldn't.  She felt confused at her feeling of victory when her  efforts made him hard once more. The realization that she had never felt so alive left her dizzy.

With renewed vigor he began another assault on her tits, biting them, slapping them, twisting and pulling the clamps until her breasts were red and bruised and the nipples swollen. He shoved three fingers roughly into her pussy and found her even wetter than the first time, and even more ready for him. She was responding in spite of herself.  He knew he could force her to come.  Amazing! He would have never believed it, but then, who would have believed her wild stories anyway? Forcing her legs unmercifully apart he moved his face between her legs and tasted her.  Long hot strokes of his tongue on her pussy.  Hot, sweet juices flowing as she moaned.  Moving his body up onto hers he ran his cock along her dripping pussy. She started to shake her head NO but stopped. Why? She didn't know. The head of his cock paused at the opening  .Searching her eyes he waited for her to plead him not to. When none came he slamming his cock deep into her. Roughly he hammered away at her cunt.  He watched the tears flow down her cheeks as he pounded her, her tears adding more fuel to his fire.

He could feel her responding. Her back arching with each thrust.  That, mixed with her tears and muffled cries, sent him over the top. He leaned forward and kissed her hard, his tongue probing her mouth, his teeth biting into her lip.  As they both exploded, the waves of pleasure coursing through them, he leaned over and whispered in her ear - his first words to her throughout this whole ordeal.          

"Was your fantasy all you hoped for my little TorridOne ? "

 Time stopped as she stared into his eyes. "Is it really you master Darius....?" she whispered, recognizing his voice.  A smile formed on her lips. Had he really succeeded in doing it? 

The man looked deeply into her tear-stained face. "Yes Slut, it's really me," he answered, ripping the clamps off her tits with a grin.

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