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LOUNGE RULES 1. No bashing of staff, other loungers, or other lounges 2. Absolutely NO drama! If you have a problem with someone or something, take it outside the lounge to the shoutbox or IM. 3. DO NOT ask the ladies on cam to "go private". 4. Do not drop links or plug anything in the lounge without permission from the management. 5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! A FEW THINGS TO REMEMBER 1. Be respectful and show some class. Paying someone a compliment or flirting is perfectly fine, but there is a line. If a girl tells you she is taken, or doesn't respond to your comments in a positive way, take a hint. 2. NO means NO. Don't repeatedly ask someone in the lounge for their YIM or to see their pic folders that are set to private. Give your hormones a rest, if a girl wants you to have her YIM she will give you her info. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE GUIDELINES WILL RESULT IN YOU GETTING BOOTED AND/OR BANNED.
Okay the time has come once again to shake things up a little. I am making wholesale staff changes in TLG. Right now there are staff members that are not active in the lounge at all and others that are working their butts off and keeping the place running without getting proper recognition. So effective immediately, I am turning mods off for EVERYONE and starting from scratch. The one exception to this is CoffeeBitch who is now going to be co-owner. What I need from all of you is simple, if you wish to continue on as staff in TLG please get in touch with Coffee and/or me to discuss what future roll you will have. There will be a need for promoters, greeters, DJ’s, security and management for all areas. You all KNOW I don’t expect every waking hour from you. In fact I don’t expect much at all. I will however expect some participation for people to continue to be moderators in the lounge. Please do not take the fact that mods were removed personally. I value my friendships with ALL of you. I simply wanted to start with a clean slate and be able to place people in the appropriate positions as we reorganize. This is the simplest way to be sure we get everyone in the right place on the organizational chart. EVERYONE that has had mods is welcome to continue as long as you participate regularly enough to know what is going on. Thank you all for all of the work you have done to make TLG the great lounge it is. I look forward to hearing from all of you soon.
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