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Im not doing this to be mean. Just i feel poems can say lot for how you feel.If i think back on the time we had together was the grestest thing. You did make a differnce in my life.To know our love was strong, i know you loved me and i loved you.I hold you close to my heart forever and always. Your still the one that know more about me then everyone does. Yes In the end we might not be together but think we still got each together and the one thing i love. I love the fact we are still friend and still close as forever. I still wanna be in your life, still be the one you can feel you can tell anything to. To be able to love each other as bestfriend. YEs you have a place in my heart that special just for you. Yes you can Touch me like no one has. I feel your pain and your tears. I hurt when your sad, i cry when you cry.... just like that bestfriend poem...When your sad or hurt i want to be there to help you up to let you know everything will be okay. I want to be there when you tell me about your son and how he doin ( i love that) I want to be there to know when your geting married... all that i still want be apart of your life in someway or some form.. Please Just know im not doing this to hurt you in anyway. Just KNow i Love you still.. But now i love you as my bestfriend and all that LOVE YOU FOREVER ALND ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT AND KNOW IM YOUR BESTFRIEND FOR LIFE. HUGGZ AND KISSES
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