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TheMasterASD's blog: "To Know Me"

created on 03/31/2008  |  http://fubar.com/to-know-me/b202942
Yesterday, after sudden illness struck two weeks or so ago, my mom's mom, my grandmother, the grandparent I was closest to and the one that was deeply beloved by the entire family, passed beyond this world into the next. She was an amazing woman, her humor, her wit, her truly unique view on life and love and family was something to behold. She lived a good long life during her near 90 years here amongst the living and passed almost exactly 20 years after her husband, my mom's dad, my grandfather, passed under rather sudden and quite similar circumstances. She missed him greatly, knowing him as I did, understandably so, and she said she was looking forward to seeing him and being with him again. She knew she was loved and enjoyed all her sons and daughters and grandchildren and even great grandkids immensely. She had a way of making everyone feel comfortable even during those tense times that happen in every family. She had a way of brightening up a room no matter what issues may have been plaguing the family serenity. She was always a go getter with a quick wit and a quick mind. She would tell delightful stories of her past that brought a smirk to your cheek but she was always in the here and now, living for today. She passed while sleeping, without pain, as her kids had promised her, surrounded by those that loved her dearly. She will be deeply missed by everyone, family and friends both, and I for one am intensely appreciative for all the time I had with her in all the years past as well as the wonderful opportunity to be there with her just before to tell her while she could still understand and comprehend that I LOVE YOU GRANDMA. YOU WILL BE SORELY MISSED. L8r T
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