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Over 12,056,667 people are on fubar. What are you waiting for?

Earlier this week, we performed some maintenance on our servers. The semi-technical explanation is that we swapped the roles of our two servers and upgraded the webserver software. The overall result is that our website runs a whole lot faster than it did before. This means we can handle more traffic and browsing is so quick, your patience will never be tried.

We have a shoutbox! This new gadget on the TFP lets you post small messages for everyone to read. You can chat with others who are posting, or just leave whatever note you'd like. Shout to your heart's content.

Tilted Collaborations is a small project I've set up that is ready for use. I'd like to encourage people to work on projects of their own, so I've made it at least a tad bit easier for them to do so by providing them with their very own forum. If you'd like to have your own forum for a project you're working on, please send a private message to me (Halx). We'll also have a couple public projects that people can volunteer their input to. Tilted Cafe is our first venture. We're also starting collaboration on a Podcast, headed by willravel.

Recently, we've compacted several forums to make the forum listing somewhat more concise. Then, we added a couple new forums. We brought back the Australia forum for our beloved Aussies, we added "Found on the Net" for nifty one-offs that are good enough to pass around, and we added the Hall of Fame where we will move the "can't-forget" posts that have been made on the TFP throughout the last 5 years.

Speaking of which, we are celebrating 5 years as the Tilted Forum Project. We're by no means done with what we've set out to do. Though only a handful of the original members still remain, the generations of TFP members who continue to grace us with their wit and intelligence make the site all the more impressive.

Various changes to the innerworkings of the site include avatars for all users, new bbcodes and smilies, and the opening of the fabled Erogenous Zone to all members. Many would ask why these changes weren't standard in the first place. The simple answer is that we didn't think the server could handle it. Now it can, so we're glad to accept new members with many of the same permissions that the older members got before. Don't worry though, there are still many things that participating on the TFP will earn you. Access to the playground, exhibition, and a custom title are only given to members who show their maturity in discussion.

As a strategy to expand the reach of the TFP, we have been using various social networking sites to get the word out. We'd appreciate the help of all our members in linking the TFP on their own personal sites and social profiles. You all know what the TFP is about, so don't be afraid to let the world know.

One final thing. For the last 5 years, the TFP has been supported in a large part by the donations of its users. That much has not changed, so please help out if you can.

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