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created on 05/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/thoughts/b212945
What would you do if you had one moment? One moment of what is what you should be asking right about now. One moment is so vague. You can have a moment in so many things in life, one moment to shine at work or school, or one moment you wish you could just take back. We all have moments in our life, some good and some bad. We live our lives and forget that every minute is a moment. There isn't one that is truely greater then another. Every breath we take leads us to another breath and another moment in our life. Yes, we do run into situations that are a matter of timing that leads us to such benefits or sorrows in our lives. We cherish those moments or regret them. We dwell on those moments so much but we fail to remember what got us there. At that one moment the burns its way so deeply in our minds, we don't realize there was actions that led up to it. Maybe you left the house five minutes early or you stopped for a coffee or you forgot something at the house. Whatever it was there was a series of events that got you to the one moment you remember. The point is there is not one moment greater then another. It is a series of events that you set into motion the builds you up or breaks you down. You have the capabilities of deciding your future. Take the moment right now to decide the next moment is, or the next breath. Begin to realize that you influence how your life is goes. Cherish what you do and who you are in. Live in the moment and understand your next moment is only a second away. Do what you have to do now because it sets the rest of your moments in your life. Make sure you live your life with no regrets and set things in motions. Remember, you are the master of your own destiny and fate. Ant
Standards are defined as rules or principles that is used as a basis for judgment. Life is based on this. Our chidren are graded on standards with grades, and adults get their raises based on standards. Who makes these standards? The government, teachers, etc. and etc.? How do you feel when you don't meet these requirements? Who do you blame? Our minds ramble over and over on who to blame. Have you forgotten someone in all those you blame for your short comings? Boss? Check. Co-workers? Check. Classmates? Check. Teacher? Check. Yourself? Oooops. What do you mean me is what alot of people are thinking right now. My boss is the one that didn't give me the raise I deserve. How many times do you hear children yell "My teacher gave me an F." ? Have you ever thought what could I have done better? What did I do wrong? So many times, we are quick to blame others for our mess ups. In all honesty, we fail so many times because of our own personal standards. We show up for work late, because we know we can. We don't pay attention in class, because we feel we aren't going to need it in the future. We have our standards at one level when others expect a higher level from us. Successful people succeed because they have it in their mind to want more out of themselves then everyone else does. Failure is not an option. Think about that for a second. If failure is not an option, what is left? Success. We, as a people, need to for our own survival to expect more out of ourselves. Some may say that the deck is stacked against them. Some may blame it on "The Man." Others may say affermative action. What does that really have to do with you? Absolutely nothing. Standards have been set and if you are above them then none of those reasons named or anything you can think of will hold you down. If you truely want something make sure your standards are above everyone elses. Drive yourself. Be passionate about what you truely want, and nothing will hold down. Expect more then everyone else does. Install in your children that a "C" is for average kids, and they are more then average. We start with ourselves by raising our standards for success. Then we install it into our kids. Success begins with you, and standards being raised above everyone elses will lead to the success you want. Ant
Problems comes with life. We, all, have them, and it varies from what they are from time to time. We tend to get advice from people when it is something that we feel we can't handle. Sometimes, we hear the advice that there is always someone out there with worse situation then you are in. You want to ring that person's neck because you feel you are in over your head, and how dare they make it seem like it is such a little problem. If you read the bible, you will learn that God will not give you more then you can handle. We hear many times what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. The list goes on and on about people and their problems. With everything we search for to solve a problem in our life, we let them break us down from time to time. People have been prone to over think a situation more often then they should. How many times have you fixed a problem and looked back and thought stupid you. So why do we let things get to us? Most trails in our life are very simple, if we didn't over-react. You should understand that some things are something that we can't fix over night. It takes time and patience to get out of were we are. We all have choices in how we approach circumstances, and it is in those choices, that we can either make a problem worse or better. What is the best way to handle any problem? First thing for you to do is to step back and analyze the situation. Too many times, people want to react in so many ways to how something is going. Next, you want to analyze what is going on. Realize the answer to your question is out there. You just need to ask the right question. Third is you should see if it is something that you can handle yourself or if you would need help. Many of us look at is as you are being a burden to your friends and family if you lean on them for help. You are not a burden, thats what friends are for. True friends will be more then willing to help you through. Finally, don't let things break you. If you let them break you, it will only make things worse then they should be. Problems make you who you are. They help you to be able to help the ones close to you through the same circumstances. Remember everything that comes your way is preparing you for life. Bottem line, the most important thing you should learn from your problems. If you don't learn what is meant for you, you are going to go through the same thing. Ant
We, all, look for the love of our lives. We, all, go into a relationship hoping that this person is the one. Sometimes that person is the one we have been looking for, and we live "happily ever after," but what about the people we go through that aren't meant for us. We endure so much pain, and at many times, we ask ourselves for what. We want to give up on love, the opposite sex, and for some our own lives. We lose ourselves in the pain and agony, that we forget so many of the more important things in life. Yes, love hurts. You can never argue with that. We argue and fight with that person trying to hold on to them. What are we fighting for? We fight, honestly, under our own delisions that this person is the special one. We let the feeling of loneliness cloud our better judgement of the people we choose. This is why we look back at our past wondering why we dated certain people. We wish that we could rewind time and take back our past. First, we need to realize without the bad things happening to us, we wouldn't be the person that we are. So never regret what you have done, you have learned an important lesson from it. Second, if you have to fight with someone to stay a couple, you are fighting for something that isn't yours in the first place. Now don't mistake a rough patch for a fight because no relationship is perfect. Those rough patches bring you two closer together. The last thing is stop forcing love on yourself. We are all guilty of giving in and settling for people because we are lonely. Remember a few things about the people you pick and should realize. If you meet them at the bar or club, don't be surprised when they drink way too much or go out too much. Yes, not all people that are at the clubs and bars, but realize there is that risk you are taking. What we should do is screen the people that peak our interest. Make sure that you are getting what you want in a person. Yes, no one is perfect but make sure you aren't overlooking too many things. Just remember, you deserve the best and don't settle for anything less then that. Ant
Most of the time all of us look for that "one true love", we seem to overlook our friends. I'm not talking about the friends we mistake for the true ones. The true ones are the ones that talk to you no matter what even if they are mad at you. The ones that love us no matter what our mistakes are. In search of that one love we overlook our friends that give us that "lil love". If you would add the love from them it would add up to the love you are loooking for. True friends give you the love and support you look for in one person. They hold you when you cry and cheer when you need it. Other then the sexual urges you may have, your friends are really the love of your life, your spouse for life, sort of speaking. I guess what I am trying to say that is in the ups and downs of searching for that one person that is meant for you realize you have that love you need in your close circle friends. So don't take them for granted and love them and let them know you appreciate everything they are and do for you. One day you may look and they won't be there. Peace and Love, Ant
That boy is nothing but trouble. That girl is a hoe. You're going to hell. We have all heard or said these things to or about one another. We have all passed judgement. Not one of us is innocent, and it isn't really our fault. Society has trained us in one way or another to judge a human being on how they act and look. The problem with this is so many people lose out on some of the most wonderful people in the world. I act ignorant and I dress like, what some consider, like a "thug" when you first meet me. I do this on purpose to weed out the people that truely want to get to know me. If you look at my true friends, you can see that they all come from different lifestyles. Consider this, if you would have met me on the streets before you read anything that I have written, you would never guess that I have the intelligence that I have. Some christians have a tendency to pass judgement on people and do not realize they push people away. Now I know that they mean well in everything that they are trying to say. I, myself, am a christian. The problem is people have their opinion and think that they are right, which they very well may be, but in anything not just saying something is right or wrong is the best answer. You need understanding. Understanding will seperate you from your ignorance in judgement, and yes, it is ignorance thats helps judgement. For example, your mother tells not to hang with that one kid because they are trouble. You knew the kid was always in trouble but you also saw the good in them. Some of them change due to our influence, and yes, some of them are just bad to the bone for lack of a better word. As we become adults, we have seem to have lost that sense of we can change people and write them off. So just think of this the next time you feel the person next to you is below you or a waste of time. Its ok to have your opinion or judgement but try to understand that person before you write them off. That person maybe the one to help get your life together or give you that word of wisdom you so desperately need. Peace and Love, Ant
Legacy. Even just the word is enough to to make its own sentence. Every person wants to leave a great legacy for his family to be proud and live up to. It makes us feel like we have accomplished something in life. It's almost as if we feel we have been heard in this world. What makes it so important to us? The feeling of worth and importance makes us feel wanted, needed, and special. We look at ourselves in the mirror and judge on a material basis. We forget about the things that truely matter. A man's legacy isn't judge by what he has but what he has done. Sometimes the older lady on the street that would even help her worst enemy has a great legacy more then most men. When you look at society MLK, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa are held high but not as high as some of these celebreties now a days. Where did we go wrong in our proirities of what makes a man great? Do we blame society or ourselves? We push ourselves to get our children to be great a doctor or lawyer, just something that makes money and that they can be financially secure in this world. We forget about the things that matter like a teacher. We forget about the ones the help us when we are down and in need of help. We forget about the ones the always gave us an ear when we needed to talk. We forget that these are the people that have the greatest legacy of all. We tell our children about these people and they tell their's. We tell them how much they affected our lives but we forget to tell our children thats how you should be. Almost as if we forget the importance of us telling them the story in the first place. So here is my point, legacy is the final statement that we leave this world as our worth for our time on this earth. You have the power to make it something of materialistic nature or someone that made a difference with other people. Peace and Love, Ant
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