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created on 03/31/2007  |  http://fubar.com/thoughts-on/b69559
Alright, where to start. i could just jump around as usual. where did i leave off... friday, early morning. didn't leave you with much on friday, said i'd write more but didn't. how wrong of me. i'm sure you were all terribly disappointed. so where have i disappeared off to for the last few days. Let's see... Friday, i drove up to CVS and looked for a certain easter candy, after that i called my friend from work to figure out when i could pick her up so we could go to lunch. We ate at a little cafe which i enjoyed quite a bit, followed by frozen yogurt covered in butterfingers and heath bar. which i aslo enjoyed quite a bit. Her and i have decided to write a movie. we will be famous, oh yes, we will be famous. the following day i did some work around the house. my dining room and my living room are (or were both empty) which i thought was great... until i wanted to watch a movie, and didn't have anywhere to watch it. so i emptied out the middle bedroom (today)... wait hold up, i just went on a major tangent... saturday, did the usual Tai Chi, then came home, boxed up the stuff that was in the dining room and then dismantled the table, the dining room as any of you may have once known it, is now empty (or was like i said earlier). all of the stuff from in there was either boxed up or put into the middle bedrom (which is to become the theater room- just you wait). after i did all that i think it was kinda late, so i drove up to CVS again - i'm going there a lot, aren't i?, bought fixings for an easter basket (tomorrow - is/was Easter). I had been inspire to make an easter basket about a month ago, something i hadn't done in a while- as the last one i made was disasterous. I told Regina, before she moved that i felt like doing it. And so i did. Then i drove around for bit, got some juice at costco, and 2 movie tickets- i had no idea i could save 6$ if i bought my tickets at costco first. That was amazing in and of itself... Around 10 ish, i made my way down to fashion valley, as my friend would be getting off of work soon, and i had asked if she'd like to go to a movie after work, so we went and watched TMNT. and those turtles have to be at least my age by now, i mean, they were teens when i was a kid... I learned that there were going to be a lot of changes going on at the theater, but didn't concern myself too much with it, although one of my friends from there is moving to kansas. after the show i drove my friend back to her house and was just about to let her go without giving her the basket of calories that i had whipped up... i was nervous. terrified. but i managed to grab it out of the back seat, and give it to her... it was either that or i could have driven back out there crazy early and left it on the porch... but i wouldn't know it's fate if i had chosen that route. Sunday was Easter, and I took the day off to set up my MacMini to have all of my songs on it, and two seasons of Avatar... that was pretty much it for easter. didn't do a whole lot... called some people. my mom didn't even call me back WTF? oh well. i had a bit of a cold or i'd have gone and visited grandma. monday was pretty much taken up by work, then tai chi. not too much. it was an easy day. but someone called in sick so i was there by my lonesome for a bit. but it wasn't too bad, i would have liked to have been less busy so i could chat with my friend. but that shoebox doesn't slow down... Then today... I have been auditioning couches for my house- i'll go up to Zgallerie on my lunch and just sit here and there, i'm getting to know all their sales people. so they have this couch that's on sale for $500 off. which they say will go back up , but i doubt it. they have this other deal, where if i get their outrageous rate credit card (like 30%) then they'll pay the taxes... i'll have to look into a few of their payment options because i'm going to get this couch... (yet another not so wild tangent- there's a reason for this one) oh yeah, back to today, since i had spent all of easter setting my my mac mini and i got to play with it on a very large screen, i felt a bug to start serious work on my "home theater" project. which would mean emptying out a room that had two entertainment shelf units, 1 heavy ass desk that was lifted through the window initially, and an antique table... i'd also have to get other peoples stuff outta there. So that is what i did all day. that room was emptied, vacuumed, and set back up to be my theater room, it is in a working state, now it just needs some finishing touches that might take a while. 1) the couch (which i need to go measure the room) it's 115" wide... that's a big couch, 2) some sound dampening curtains (from somewhere), and 3) an official screen. and then ladies and gentlmen, there will be a movie night, first theater on right hand side. I need to get one of those number 1 signs to mark that theater number :) how bad ass would that be? Tomorrow, i may heat up the spa, just for giggles, and it'll be nice to relax in when i get back from tai chi. (eventually there will be a new spa, the old one still works, it's just not super efficient and i don't know that i've ever had the 10 people it'll hold actually in it.) That was the last few days of me. i finished my soy ice cream... and it was delicious, i think i'll try the strawberry and chocolate ones next.
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