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Check out the new stuff happening this year from The KLUB HOUSE and your all welcome to join in and have fun!!! There is alot of stuff we have planed to happen!!! We are doing our best to make things better as time goes by!!! be a big part in the team to help keep us going and sponcer us by sharing us with your friends!!! Shown bellow is a list of things we have going on!!!


Janet Jackson - My Body
Bone Thug N Harmony - Forget Me
Gwen Stefani Ft Akon - The Sweet Escape
Marry J Blidge - We Ride
Booba Ft Akon - Gun In Hand


Go to my page and look for my tracks and rip to yours to have the station on your page!!! We are jamming the hits 24/7 unless we are upgrading and or etc!!! The station will be in stereo and sounds good!!! We have also included weather and some great psa adds that you may find interesting!!! Doing our best to improve the station everyday and you can help as well!!! Tell your frinds and have them do the same thing!!!


Dont forget about our website wich give you the big option to produce your own gallery in wich you can make gallerys inside gallerys as seen in the sample on our website!!! Weres this website located at? use the link shown bellow and check it out!!! The link id direct to that website and your all welcome to check it out!!! You gallery is hosted by The KLUB HOUSE and its yours as soon as you register!!! Do not register if you dont plan on adding any pics in it!!! However, you cant just load any kind of pic and it has to be your hot and sexy pics that you have and mostly you!!! See the rules on the website for more info!!! You dont have to register just to see!!! You only have to register if you plan on adding you hot and sexy pics in your own gallery!!! Do not uplaod to anyone elses!!!


There is also monthly contests going on and you can join that as well!!! These contests are all broken down by age and sex groups!!! There are many and You all are more than welcome to check them out!!! Contest are based upon rating of pics added to the contest by others!!! How do you join? Use the link shown bellow in wich is a direct link to the website!!! Have fun and good luck to all who join!!!!!


We aslo have a blogging community that alows you to blog with everyone on the site useing the many catigorys listed!!! Thats not all!!!! You can use RSS feeds to share it on other sites your on if it has an RSS reader!!! This is the most pwerful bloggin site you have messed with and all you have to do is register to start bloggin!!! how do you get there? Use the link shown bellow in wich is a direct link to that websitte!!!

I want to thank you all for the time you have taken to read this and hope you all have a great day and or night!!! Hope you like the station and website!!! Please feel free to comment on any and or all of this!!! we would love to hear from you on your ideas, sudgestions and what you think!!! Thanx once again!!!


Thats right!!! I have made a contest website to were you can add pics and vids as well as be able to rate and comment other users!!! How do you enter? You go to the link bellow!!!! Register, add your pics and vids!!! Contest is monthly!!! KLUB HOUSE CONTEST Ok.... Thats not all I did for you!!! I have also created a site for you to post your fetish porn of yourself and or lovers!!! Same as the contest site but this is not a contest!!! You can use this to meet your person that your find interesting and see were it goes!!! See what get you the big ratings and if yours is real good, it will show up under the most rated!!! How do you get involved? Simple, same as the contest but differnt link!!!! Dont forget to register and add your pics and vids!!! This is new so make yourself one of the first few to get involved!!! http://KLUB HOUSE LUST ROOM I also have blog site up and you are also welcome to go check it out!!! register and you can blog along with us!!! Use the link bellow!!! KLUB HOUSE BLOG WEBSITE See what the station and the KLUB HOUSE has going on by checking on our calender!!! you can aslo add things if you register!!! Use the link bellow!!! KLUB HOUSE CALENDER Dont forget to listen in to the station for all the hits playing 24/7 and I do mean the hits!!! Your gonna love it!!! Everyone can listen in no mater what kinda internet service you have!!! How, use the links bellow and enjoy the hits via internet radio!!! KLUB CITY JAMZ 4 DIAL UP 24 kps Upload Speed Mono KLUB CITY JAMZ 4 BROADBAND 128 kps Upload Speed Stereo Well, I hope you like and love as well as pass this around so that everyone else can know about it!!! I hope you all will enjoy what all I have done for you!!! Thanx for you time and hope you have a great day and or night!!! MixMasterMcStorm The KLUB HOUSE KLUB CITY JAMZ KICK ASS INTERNET RADIO KLUB HOUSE HOME WEBSITE

The KLUB HOUSE is doing alot to kick off the New Year right and make it a blast!!! We will need your help in doing so!!! Please, if you can donate please do so using the home page directory website page donation button located near the bottom of the page!!! Now please do comment on all this for we need to know what you think and what we can do to make things better!!! Do read all of this and the ones that do repsond and or repost this are my real true friends!!! I dont ask for much just a boost to get this and keep this going!!! Its all I have and I am putting all my time and mony into making something that will be very interesting to all if it is possible!!! So let me start off with all the major big info you may want to know and check out!!! There are several great shows on the station for those that wish to know playing the hits unedited and with live requests taken as well as dedications!!! You can check out the great shows as seen listed bellow and tell us what you think!!! The stations on the air 24/7 unless there is updates and or upgrading going on!!! We are playing the hottest hits on the charts right now just for you!!! ALL REQUEST PARTY LIVE This is a show that alows the listener to make requests and dedications ussing MSN, AIM and YAHOO Messenger to do so!!! Times and days are shown bellow!!!! 6pm to 3am U.S. CST Every Night KLUB HOUSE DANCE PARTY This is a dance mix show mixed KLUB HOUSE STYLE in wich is beat to beat back to back non stop and comercial free housr in a row!!! You can dance all night long to this show and enjoy the tripnotic sounds of several of your well know DJs such as MixMasterMcStorm and Dj Sinful!!!! Times and days are shown bellow and may differ from week to week!!! This only the prescheduel and max time for show!!! 6pm to 6am U.S. CST Friday and Saturday nights NEW MUSIC ADDITIONS LIVE New songs added to Bilboard charts and mixes to be played on the dance mix show!!! This is your chance to hear it first and as far as dance mixes goes, you get the chance to hear the full leanth of the remix befor you hear it in the mix!!! This show is also for thos that wish to hear a song added to the station to make it know ussing MSN, AIM and Yahoo Messenger durring show times in which are live!!! Times nd days are shown bellow and vary from week to week!!! 6am to 12 am U.S. CST Sundays All Day Long Broadband listeners are DSL, CABLE and or HIGHER in wich is 128 kps uploadspeed in stereo!!! Use the link bellow if this is you!!! KLUB CITY JAMZ 4 BROADBAND INTERNET Dial up is those not on broadband and use a dial up connection to the internet in wich is 24 kps upload speed in mono!!! Use the link bellow if this is you!!!!! KLUB CITY JAMZ 4 DIAL UP INTERNET You can join the contests using the link shown bellow and register as well as feel free to get creative!!!! See the listed contest on the site due to new contests may be made anytime!!! You can aslo help create contests if you see one that needs added!!! KLUB HOUSE CONTESTS WEBSITE You can check out or calender and events going on using the links bellow!!! Feel free to register and add your events that you wish to share as well!!! KLUB HOUSE CALENDER WEBSITE Now alowing all to blog along with us using our bolgging site to talk about events and etc as shown on the site!!! Topics set up to separate the differences on whats talked about!!! You can do this by registering using the link bellow!!! KLUB HOUSE BLOG WEBSITE MixMasterMcStorm The KLUB HOUSE KLUB CITY JAMZ KICK ASS INTERNET RADIO KLUB HOUSE HOME DIRECTORY WEBSITE

I know some of you may not find this interesting and others may be all up for it!!! I have a website up and open for pic and vid contests!!! There are different age groups and different contests available!!! Every contests is separated into sex and age groups!!! Now I want you all to read the rules listed at the top of the page when you get to the contest website!! Startng January 1st 2007 the contest will be on and a winner will be anounced!!! You have to register and enter the contests!!! In order to do that you must go to the website and join in!!! You will see that you can camment, rate and add pics after you register!! The more the better the fun!!! You can also tell me a contest that should be added and i will try to get it added on as soon as possible!!! All winners will be anounced first on the station and then posted!!! Some have asked me on how they can listen in to the station and thats a good question!!! You will see a link shown bellow and once you get to the site, bookmark it and or add it to your favorites!! You will then be able to go there to listen in anytime you wish using the links on the home page!!! Then yet some say, I dont have broadband and would like to listen and how can I? Thats another good question!!! there are 2 stations available!! One is for broadband while the other is for dial up!! Both are the same but for different types of interent conections!!! If you dont have dial up then you have broadband!! All links are on the home website directory listing!!!! You can also make requests using MSN, AIM and YAHOO Messenger with my username on all three wich are the same!! klubcityjamz and feel free to chat as well!!! I am also proud to anounce that I have set up a blogging comunity with many different topics to list it under!!! You all are more than welcome to register and join in!!! Please, use the same username on all our sites!! On the bloging site you will see that you can post pics and comment on others!! Want to keep track of blogs or certain topics? you can with the rss feed and etc!!! Inhance your site with this and know whats going on!!! There is also a calender site available in wich you can see all the activaties we have going on a well as shows on the station!!! You can aslo post your activaties as well but have to be aproved!! This is to help you all know what we are up to!!! We are working to make things the best and sure its al new but soon it will be going good!! Everything takes time!!! Feel free to check it all out!!! I could list off som contests that are currently going and all but I think that you should just go there and see for yourself!!! Feel free to contact me about and questions and concerns you may have!! I am more that willing to help out if I can!!! You all are more than welcome to chat with me anytime!! I want to than you all for taking the time to read this and I hope yo are all having a great day and or night!!! I also hope to hear from you all soon!! Check out the wesite and join in if you wish!!! Feel free to make comments and share your ideas!!! Thanx once again!!! MixMastyerMcStorm The KLUB HOUSE KLUB CITY JAMZ KICK ASS INTERNET RADIO KLUB HOUSE HOME WEBSITE DIRECTORY

You should join the contests I have that starts next year but you can join now and get a head start!!! Rate and coment set up is aloud!!! There are several contests going on and the liste is bellow!!! First winner anounced January 1st 2007!!!! THESE ARE KLUB HOUSE CONTESTS!!! 1) Butts 2) Boobs 3) Boy Shorts 4) Hot and Sexy 5) Female Couples 6) Tight Jeans 7) Pimped Out How do you join? use the link shown bellow and get yourself conected!!! Please read all rules and guidelines befor you register!! All Contests are broke down by age and sexy!! veryone is welcomed to join in and have fun!!! MixMasterMcStorm The KLUB HOUSE KLUB CITY JAMZ KICK ASS INTERNET RADIO CONTEST, BLOG, CALENDER AND STATION LISTENING LINKS DIRECTORY HOME PAGE

Send me a message and tell me what contest you wish to join!!! the list is shown bellow and I will set you up from there!! THESE ARE ALL KLUB HOUSE CONTESTS!!! 1) Butts 2) Boobs 3) Boy Shorts 4) Female Couples 5) Hot And Sexy 6) Pimped Out 7) Tight Jeans All Contests are broken down into age groups and sex!!! All brought to you by The one and only KICK ASS INTERNET RADIO STATION and you know us by KLUB CITY JAMZ from the KLUB HOUSE!!! All you will have to do is register a username and fallow the rules as well as add pics and vids as well as rate pics and vids!!! Get statrted now and get ahead for next year!!! Winning begins January 1st 2007!!! Please read all rules and guidelines befor you register and feel free to contact me for more info!!! This a new site and new contests!!! fallow the link listed bellow to enter a chance to win!!! MixMasterMcStorm The KLUB HOUSE KLUB CITY JAMZ KICK ASS INTERNET RADIO NOTE TO ALL; More links on the home directory page!!! If you register usernames on more than on site with us, keep them the same so that you are known on who you are!!! Thanx!!!!

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