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created on 11/17/2008  |
Have you heard of Gary McKinnon? McKinnon is the infamous computer hacker who managed to penetrate US military computer systems in search of classified information about UFOs. He suffers from Aspergers Syndrome with symptoms similar to the character played by Dustin Hoffman in the film Rainman. He is accused wrongly of being a "master computer hacker" and possible terrorist. He stands to be extradited to the USA and could face the rest of his life in prison if they decide to make an example of him. I have been following this story for a while now and feel strongly that he should stand trial in the UK. I suppose I can identify with him, being into computers, inquisitive and prone to doing stupid things in my younger years. That doesn’t make him a dangerous criminal, just an embarrassment to the US government. If enough people make enough noise about this we may be able stop this injustice. If you want to help, visit where you can find out more about his case. Thanks for reading!
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