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Ever love, forever love
mere words cannot describe it
deeply felt and meaningful
you'll know it, should you find it
I'd thought myself in love before
believing it to be true
how mistaken I had been
I found true love in you
Love like I had never known
could never be forsaken
true love ever in your heart
freely given, never taken
each day true love rings anew
forever at your side
love like I have found in you
cannot be denied...

Michael H. Bodor
Copyright © 2012

I feel as though my hands are tied
yet still my eyes are open wide
clouded thinknig, my thoughts confused
betrayed, berated, then excused
I pay the price for spoken sins
while standing outside looking in
penalized and heaped in shame
unable to defend my name
writing thoughts best left unspoken
painting pictures deemed provoking
how can I not but speak my mind
although some find the truth unkind
an ounce of truth can set you free
from those who call it blasphemy...

Michael H. Bodor
Copyright © 2012

All hail the Lizard King
he who could do anything
penetrate the evening
on a moonlit night
let's swim to the moon
ride with the tide
too fast he lived
too soon he died

Michael H. Bodor
Copyright © 2006

Wearing her best evening dress
or nothing but a smile
knowing how much I love her
for her I'd give my life
just holding her and loving her
to whisper in her ear
all those silly little things
the things we hold so dear

Michael H. Bodor
Copyright © 2012

Sound your drums loudly
for those who cannot speak
in defiance of brutal foes
who subjagate the meek
sound your drums in battle cry
for those who gave their lives
on the shores where mothers wept
for countrymen who've died
sound your drums
let freedom ring
from sea to shining sea
sound your drums in unison
for freedom isn't free

Michael H. Bodor
Copyright 2007
(Revised 5/12)

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