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I sold my car yesterday. It was junkers. I was putting too much money into it for it to always be brokedown. It was sold as is. The guy who bought it knew upfront what we knew was wrong with the car. He knew he wouldn't be able to drive it off our property. etcetc With that said; he brought a tow truck to take it wherever he's taking it. I signed the title. It was notarized. He paid me. Then he tried to lift it on the truck... haha. The wench broke. The car rolled down our backyard and wedged itself inbetween a couple trees.

I had to go to work so I didn't know the end result. All I knew was my old car was trying to camoflauge itself in the trees. My next door neighbor came over and basically asked my mom and Marty wtf happened. They told him. He decided to call the cops because apparently the car had hit his little wooden garden area and knocked a log loose or something. (property damage) The cops came, accessed the situation and said because I had signed the title over and it was notarized BEFORE it did it's glory run down our backyard, I was not liable. According to them, the car was abandoned at that point. They also spoke with the guy on the phone and I only assume he told them he'd return today and dig it out. Which he of course did. I found it helpful for me to LOL @ him and take pictures... and video.
Notice the line? At this point I wasn't sure if he was trying to pull it backward or make it go forward. (He tried both) I feel bad for the guy... but I can't stop loling. Oh HEY! He looks a bit like a young Pete Rose here. haha I hung out the window for this shot... luckily he was down in the brush so hopefully I wasn't THAT obvious. You really can't see it in this pic... but the front body of the car is fucked. And there goes my baby. *sniffle* So many memories in that car.
Used car: $1700 Fuzzy moocow wheel cover: $15.99 Random new parts on car: $1000+ Selling car to Pete Rose lookalike: $150 Seeing your car of 7 years wrecked into a group of trees and knowing you're not the one who did it even though everytime you drove anywhere and had people in your car at least one would scream "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!" at some point in the night...: PRICELESS I've seriously never said this and been more heartfelt, random young Pete Rose lookalike guy: sux2bU
I got my lip pierced! FINALLY. haha I've only been talking about doing it forevAr. Gina ended up being the one to take me. Even though a few other people said they wanted to get piercings too. *cough* The tattoo artist at the place thought I was 14. haha wtfux? He calls out the piercer aka Jake as I'm filling out my paperwork (I had to initial that I understood possible risks of the piercing - infection/swelling/etc. As well as initial that I knew a piercing was not a neccesity of life. - no shit) and Jake asks for my ID. Which I never thought to bring a long. So Gina and I had to go back to my apt to get my ID. Go back and the guy is like "Not gonna chicken out?" 'uh...no' "Alright come on back then." Apparently I looked like I was walking down the hallway on the way to the electric chair cause he said "Are you nervous?" My response was "Well, yeah a little bit. I've never shoved anything through my face before." To which he said "Shove? We don't shove here. We pierce. Shoving shit = bad. Piercing = good." So he puts this bib on me, I suppose in case I was a bleeder... gives me mouth wash, I swish then spit. He marks a spot, then wipes my chin/lip area with iodine...and as he's doing this I suppose my eyes were getting really large in anticipation of the actual pierce... cause he says "I've never seen that look in anyones eyes before." Meanwhile I'm trying to grip onto the arms of the chair so I don't pussy out when the needle goes through and he says "I'm going to move your hand cause I don't want to cockstop you." haha wtf man? That's just the thing I wanna hear before you shove a needle through my lip. Excuse me not shove, pierce. He also told me to stop moving my goddamn head. Apparently after he'd position me, I'd move it slightly. I could hear Gina LOLing the entire time... So he says "Inhale" as he's piercing me... then I heard him say "Exhale." I don't think I did. "Waiting to Exhale" brings a whole new meaning. I'm sitting there thinking "Holy shit, I actually did it. omgomgomgomgomgomgmg" then he cant get the lil ball screwed on. He couldn't find the hole. If I had a dime for everytime someone told me they couldn't find the hole... anyway. He asks me to hold onto the clamps so he can get at it. It's about this time I feel myself starting to drool. So yeah. I drooled on the guy. That's hot. He finishes up and starts going through this whole speech about how to clean it/care for it/what to do, etc... I see his lips moving but all I hear in my head is "omgomgomgomgomg holy fucking shit I actually did it" then I hear him say "No oral sex for a month." which brought my attention right back around. haha I haven't really taken pictures yet... but here's what I have:
Kinda blurry but my digi was low on batteries... My webcam sux. My webcam sux2
Afterwards, we met up with Danielle and J cause we were supposed to go back to Jeremy's house to drink or whatnot but the plans seemed to have changed when we got there(?) Still not quite sure about that. Gina was like "We can go to Sherri's." J looks at her and says "Are you fucking serious? I'm steering clear of Sherri's mom for at least a month. We go there, we all die. Sherri's mom takes no prisoners." OK so he only said the first part but it's my blog, I'll embellish if I want to. (My mom and I live in a 2 apt house. She's downstairs. I'm upstairs.) We all ended up going back to J's house anyway. Where things happened that I am not at liberty to type about. What happens at J's house, stays at J's house. --- So this morning I decided to introduce my mom to my new little friend. She didn't notice. For 20 mins. When she finally did notice her response went something like this: What the... that better be fake! SHERRI LYNN! I wish I could beat you sometimes. I KNEW you were up to something. And here I worried about you all night.(and on and on.) We go into my work and Vicki is at the front desk. My mom says "Say goodbye to Sherri for the last time. You'll never see her again." haha talk about dramatic. She said that to nearly everyone we came across... not to mention "I don't even have to say anything, her brother will say it for me." alright mom, then be hushed. ;D Shirley's (my manager) reaction however was by far the best yet. I had to buy a money order and after we'd gone through the store for a few things I needed... Shirley was the one at the desk. So I'm thinking "ohfuckme" because I'd been told that Shirley did not like the fact that a girl who had a monroe had been hired during Xmastime and would not have hired her if she had known. So she says "Hi Sherri." 'Hi Shirley, I need a money order please.' (Which I had to talk her through because she didn't remember how to do it.) The entire time she waited on me, asked me the amount, rang it up... she never mentioned my lip ring. She had a look on her face that can only be described as someone just farted, she was insulted by it but couldn't say anything about the smell/fumes/sound because she's too prim and proper. haha She was looking at it but trying not to make it look like she was looking at it. So obvious. ;D Anyway I've typed up way more than most people will read. So I'll end it with answering what will probably be a question I'm asked at least once a day for as long as I keep the piercing: No, it really didn't hurt. It was more like a pinch than anything. Thanks for asking. ps: thanks for answering my lipring questions, Johnny. ♥
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