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Sometimes in life we tend to meet someone special, and then we begin to feel that special connection. At that point then two people begins developing and building a relationship. However, that is not where the learning or building stops. You continue to travel that road and develop strong feelings, start to open up and remove the walls you have built for self protection and self preservation. However, for every wall you remove, you still remain leery and still watch for that moment when you can identify that they will hurt you first. Then things start getting miscommunicated and unintentionally you start building new walls for that person, start playing defense and place them on the other team instead of holding their hand to look for the comfort and the support you need to deal with your own emotional scars. This whole entire process takes place on both sides of the relationship, each individual waiting for the other to hurt them and really creating the demise of their own relationship. Then one day when the relationship has dissolved to pieces then you cling to someone else that you believe may be strong and can pull you through all of the emotional turmoil. Then you go to whatever lengths you can and try to remove too many walls, open yourself and give unearned trust that you wanted to give the person before. Then that relationship tumbles as well, from being built on the rubble and messes from before. However, this is really the last nail in the coffin for you and that someone special. Because now you have created a chasm so wide that building a bridge seems impossible. You look back and realize how much they meant to you and what you lost. Then you begin to ask yourself if selfish pride was worth losing something so much greater than yourself. Then you begin to notice your own wrongs and begin to learn what turns you made that took you in the wrong direction. You and you alone have to live with knowing that forgiveness is a long road, and that people never forget. Can love possibly create a bridge to cross that chasm or is it too late? The person you once took for granted is now the one thing that you desire to have in your life above all else. You know the love is true for you are the only person who can see your own heart, and you know who holds the keys to your heart. Moral to the story, when you have someone great, treat them the way they deserve to be treated and NEVER stop letting them know how you feel. Once it is too late, then all is lost and there is nothing you can do. Do not learn as I have, listen to your heart and force your mind to follow your heart! I still love you, which will never change, maybe one day we can be together again. If not then maybe we can both find real happiness, and find the right one for us!
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