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Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket WOW has this Auction been a huge turn out .. 50 entries... over 7.5 Mill in fubucks bid and over $2,000 in cash bids ..so you can see what a great turn out this has been and it's only been 6 days days..TODAY is the LAST day that I will be accepting entries. So if you want in you better hurry.Entry fee is 50k and I can make the tags plz send list of items to offer and a pic link along with entry fee and I shall get them made. Current bids Vips.. Prepaid Visa card.. Many Happy Hours... Blast, Blingy Packs, and fubucks Be as creative as you want and there is no end to what you can offer so make a bid that will get their attention and want you as their owner!! Heres a break down of cash value/fubucks $1 = 50000 fubucks $5 = 250000 fubucks $10 = 500000 fubucks $20 = 1 million fubucks $50 = 2.5 million fubucks $100 = 5 million fubucks Photobucket A bonus will be added for Rates. Whoever has the most rates at the end of the auction will receive a 3 blingys of their choice and 250k fubucks. Rules 1. NO DRAMA any will cause your pic to be disqualified, deleted and you blocked!! 2. All pics must be SFW or deemed by me SFW. 3. Entries can deny any bids 4. DO NOT BID if you do not intend on paying !!!! 5. Entries can close their auction at ANY TIME they want!!!! 7. I am not responsible for those who do not pay up!!!! Photobucket So far here are the entries All Links will be open @10am EST April 21st & Close on May 5th @ 10 am EST Photobucket ~GoddessWildCherry~ ~COCA-COLA GIRL~ ~Tinkerbell~ ~EasyontheEyes~ ~LadyKate~ ~tastyflutterby~ ~Unbreakable~ ~SilentLizard~ ~Mel**Flower**~ ~William A.K.A Dark Defender~ ~Anna~ ~2Much~ ~DixieClassics~ ~Juggalette Angel~ ~Pergatory of the Heart~ ~BooBoo~ ~Blue Dragon~ ~Abby~ ~Sixtyninemunch~ ~Dust me Pink~ ~D*O*G*G~ ~LilAngelBaby~ ~SWEET~THING~ ~Thcknluvit~ ~GEM~ ~Lisa Marie~ ~Titan~ ~AngelGurl~ ~PR Mamii~ ~Pepsimannc69~ ~Gary~ ~Dirtyseceret~ ~spazzzz~ ~farscapecat~ ~Lizard Juggalo~ ~Tom~ ~Big Daddy~ ~Sugarcookie~ ~Passionman71~ ~Meg~ ~^Sin^~ ~Ravin Juggalo~ ~Kandy~Wolf~ ~TaterBabe~ ~Hillbilly D-Lux~ ~LoLo Crawler~ ~Turtlesymboite~ ~DaMaunchMan~ ~Meagan~ Thank you all for making this turn out more than I could have imagined!!!! Kiss Orange Any questions you can fumail or shout me ( no shouts unless on friends list so if not there please F/R/A me) ~GoddessWildCherry~ Owned by Johnny ~Member of the Spankers Club~

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