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Attn: all South Florida talent!!! This is "THE" Casting Call of 2008! Don’t Miss Out!!! BassTV and Java D’Lites are hosting a casting call for the new hit series "The Bass Brothers in the Million Dollar Bass Hunt!". It’s a completely ’OPEN’ casting call. All types of people are encouraged to drop by. Regardless of sex, size or ethnicity. Bring your head shot, Resume & Demo Reel (if applicable). We are looking for all types, colorful characters, and great personalities, however it’s advantageous if you know how to fish, go boating, are of Native American decent, and are athletic, (this is an action/adventure series afterall). But those are just some of the roles. Secondary roles will need to be filled as well as extra roles, stuntmen / women and so forth. So bring your game face, be professional and have a great time!. Starts @ 10am. There’s no preferential treatment for those here bright and early, anytime between 10am and 5pm is cool. We’ll be here the entire day. THE BASS BROTHERS Java D’Lites does not normally open up until 6pm on Sundays. They will be open at 10AM for those attending the casting call ONLY! The food is fresh and made to order, (sandwiches, panini’s, appetizers, desserts, coffees, teas, wine, beer and so forth are all for sale). So don’t worry about eating or drinking. There’s free wifi, so bring your laptops, and have fun mingling throughout the day. Release forms will need to be signed on the premesis as the auditions will be filmed and photographed. CONTACT INFO: You may contact Java via our myspace for more info, The Bass Brothers on their myspace page for more info (see link below) or write directly to The Bass Brothers @ Info@basstv.com. NOTE: Please RSVP if you are attending or planing to attend so that we can keep everything as organized as possible. Thank you. www.myspace.com/thebassbrothers www.myspace.com/java_dlites
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