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I had to do one of these



So where are all the other people that have done these.


Here is the one i took and was approved




Or after my salute i usually use this photo




When are you meant to do a Salute?

So i just went around to some lounges and added them.


But i did the usual thing as Alberto Kang and added all the sites that you would not want

your parents or perhaps future employers to know about.



So know i wonder if there is a way to make the Lounges you are associated to to be

just viewable by friends?

Dear Future Generations of Humanity

And so like many things in my life i once again joined another stupid Social Networking Site and

went around and had a look.


So i had to Salute, do you know what that was like to be asked to Salute?



So i did it and then

Whent to the Lounges and what do i find.



there Avatars are not them in the Salute.



What is the point of going to the Lounge if the people are not open about who they say they are.


I was clear and said i was Alberto Kang.

I wrote it down.


And all these people are giving me Drinks yet when i go and give a Shout in a Lounge

they all tell me to go



This site is confusing on the one side it tries to show that people are who they say they are

yet in practice in the Loungnes area that is not seen.


So i guess is to just play around a little more see if i meet some new people

and can find a good lounge to be online to

with some cool people that show that they are who they are.

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