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sweetie4u's blog: "nice things"

created on 10/06/2006  |  http://fubar.com/nice-things/b10940
Take comfort +++++++++++++++++++ You seek comfort by hiding away, but all you get is Loneliness. You seek comfort by judging and criticizing Others, but all you get is resentment. You seek comfort by striving and acquiring, but all you get Is the insecurity of knowing that those things you have will Not last. You seek comfort by insulating yourself from life's ups and downs, but all you get are days that seem Empty of any meaning. You seek comfort by indulging every pleasure and whim. Yet You end up with shallow sensations that bring no real joy. You seek comfort by running away from the possibility of Pain and disappointment. Yet you find that in so doing you Have run away from life itself. Take comfort instead in looking forward to the challenges That will surely come, and in working your way through them. Take comfort in feeling your own strength of purpose grow With each effort. Take comfort in knowing that you are both resolute in your Intent and flexible in your tactics for moving successfully Through each moment. For that is the kind of confident Comfort that cannot fade away.
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