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35 Year Old · Female · From Coronado, CA · Joined on June 9, 2006 · Born on March 7th · 6 referrals joined! · 2 different people have a crush on me!
35 Year Old · Female · From Coronado, CA · Joined on June 9, 2006 · Born on March 7th · 6 referrals joined! · 2 different people have a crush on me!

i like the color green.i like writing.i like you.i like him. i like rvcai like being emo when i want toi like to skateboard i like how daniel tries to teach me i like how it never really worksi like how i tryi like hi-c.i like getting wasted.i like drinking my problems away.i like all my friends.i like how some still say shit about me.i like drinking tequila.i like drinking whiskey.i like having parties.i like sitting in bath tubs all alone.i like being in the dark.i like how i am still cooler then all of you.i like how im addicted to you.i like how you are addicted to me.i like how i need you.i like how you think you need me.i like everyone being jealous of me.i like how they deny it.i like how im taking sports medicine.i like how i know nothing about sports.i like how everyone thinks they know me.i like how they have no idea.i like kisses.i like them on my neck and forehead.i like getting hugs when im sad.i like unlocking combination locks cause it makes me giggle.i like putting band-aids on cause then cute boys ask me what happened and then they wanna kiss it.i like the way boys smell.i like eating until im full.i like how im still skinny.i like being tanned.i like going to the beach.i like telling people stupid stories about my childhood.i like listening to my ipod.i like walking around with no shoes on.i like being alone.i like how my relationships never really turn out happy.i like how im always disappointed.i like my best friend david.i like how he listens to me and makes me giggle.i like my best friend daniel.i like how he always helps me, no matter whati like my friend ricardo.i like how he likes my stories and laughs at them.i like my friend brittany.i like how she can't spell for the life of her.i like how she doesn't care.i like my lover chantal.i like how we talk about nothing yet it is something.i like how people are fake to me.i like how im fake to them.i like going shopping.i like waking up in the middle of the night.i like drawing pictures of sticks.i like how i lose at everything.i like being in love.i like being called cute names.i like wearing band-aids on my boo boos.i like watching friends when im sad.i like eating.I LOVE THE FOOD NETWORK.i like having people cook for me.i like how i can sometimes make a bagel.i like eating chocolate.i like taking bubble baths.i like walking around in a shirt and a underwear.i like how after this everyone will still not understand me.i like being the subject of peoples conversations. i like dancing on top of tables.i like singing in my car.i like taking pictures.i like driving in my car.i like how everyone tries to be nice.i like how i see right through them.i like crying myself to sleep.I absolutely LOVE my life and my friends!Papparazzi Loves Us!I Love Trees<3i also like Cabo<3

35 Year Old · Female · From Coronado, CA · Joined on June 9, 2006 · Born on March 7th · 6 referrals joined! · 2 different people have a crush on me!
parties,friends,shopping,music,sushi,camping,trips,more parties
air The Album Leaf Ambulance LTD. Akon aaron carter benny bennasi bob marley bossa nova britney spears the bravery CTR!! christina craig david coldplay the cure damien rice dido death cab for cutie<3 dht elefant evanescence eminem eric prydz etta james the faint finger eleven franz ferdinand the go find Good Charolette gorillaz green day gwen stefani head automatica hawthorne heights howie day imgoen heap jem jack johnson jet jimmy eat world jelllyhead jay-z jessica simpson john mayer joseph arthur kanye keane <3 kelly clarkson kelly osbourne the killers le tigre ladytron lenny kravitz lindsay lohan metric maroon 5 modest mouse Matt pond pa musical youth my chemical romance nelly noise ratchet oasis ozone pinback the postal service phantom planet psapp ryan cabera rooney relient k rise against the shins snoop sublime sarina paris sugarcult Thievery Corporation taking back sunday tori U2 usher wycef jeans yellow card vanessa carlton vengaboys wilco Music is my life! Boomkat LyricsBoomkat Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCure.com
any movie with Jake g. in it<3
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