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First off let me start off by saying I am a fan of T.I. so I say this with much love. What in THE HELL were you thinking T.I.? I don't want to see any "Free T.I.!" products nor do I want to hear "The Man" is out to get another well off brotha in the rap game. T.I. knew he was on probation, he also knew it was illegal for him to have the guns let alone purchase them. He was just plain dumb, period point blank. For those of you who don't know, T.I.'s dumb butt sent a bodyguard to purchase a few guns and silencers for him. The bodyguard, in his infinite wisdom, went to a gun dealer and told him that he was purchasing said items for his boss who cannot because of his probation. The gunshop owner, who thought something was fishy (no really), called the ATF to inform them of this suspicious purchase. Long story short they arrested the bodyguard got him to implicate T.I., set up a meeting place for T.I. to pick up the guns and arrested him for illegal gun possesion due to his probation. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't get Punk'd when he thought he was going back to prison and didn't he say he ain't trying to go back. Duh, stupid what did you think was gonna happen being a felon in possesion of firearms? In all the ATF found 13 guns that T.I. owned and each gun carries a maximum 10 years on it. Let's do the math shall we, 13x10= career over. One last thing. Maybe I'm wrong but the only reason anyone wants a silencer is to do something that requires killing someone. Like I said maybe I'm wrong on that point.
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