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You won one of the crappiest "contest" great for you tranny. Hope you make a career from winning useless points on a site. Your better off being a contestant on "Hookers of America Pagant" since that's is more your field. ^_^
it wrote: 2006-10-04 11:55:50 Hey fat ass, call me a tranny all u want.. but in the end ur still fat and ugly. Jeez no wonder why ur being such a bitter little cunt. Oh yea and don't forget u were the one who became my fan. I denied your friend request.. big deal boo fuckin hoo. Quit crying like a little bitch. Response: Tranny, tranny, tranny. I think I will call you Tranny all I want Tranny Cola. Ya see, as much as I am still fat and ugly according to you, I have the potential and means to become which and famous without being a whore. All you are is usable toy with nothing else but your body, after you been pumped by whomever a number of times some hotter chick will come along, new, young, better than you, and adios, your thrown to the side like the trash you are. Girls like you ESPAICALLY ON THE NET are a dime a dozen. Either they have websites whoring themselves or they come on places like this or other sites I once know, boosting their ego and self esteem by seeing how much people would pay attention to them and rank them. Validation is a wonderful thing, look up the word if your too confused to understand. As for me being denied a friend request from you, I would have to request it. I never did, why would I, all your pics are public so there is no point to adding you on my friends list. Only reason I had most of the girls on this site on my list to begin with was to see those folders and I'm sure they don't mind because for them, it's just more people to build up their cred, that's so lame. I'm not crying at all, I think you and your little bitches are the one's crying, seeing as though you and everyone I punked on here has blocked me. Pathetic losers dreaming about fame and recognition by constantly rating and being rated on a site that no one really knows about anyways. Myspace and Friendster aint got nothing on this site, that's for sure. Adios Tranny.
I seriously must show my love to the whores on this site. It's just like spicepad, cept the access to the private pix are easier and there are a few less fugly naked chicks here. Although people seem to think SexyMa is real, let those morons figure out that the pics are of Raven Riley and not whoever is SexyMa. But, again, I love all the whores on this site espaically the ones like Cola Rumpshaker Love2Swing and even Your Goddess, who beg and beg for people to vote on their pix so they can get a higher ranking than before. Seriously, is that a special goal throughout the day. Ya, it's great, you have nice bodies, good for you. It's also great to not have nothing to do cept show your tits and ass and get that as the only means of attention. Most, if not all, these girls I've got to see have the i.q. of a blowup doll and are a disposible as one. You seen one hot chick, then a new one comes in, then another one and another. They only seem to be good for one thing, a depository but in this case "Whackoff Material" nothing more. I'm Suuuuuure they have personality, but for the ones who solely come on here to promote themselves or to get "points" and are just attention whoring, they are pretty damn worthless and their existence in this world is to be nothing more than someone's plaything, THAT IS ALL.
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