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About myself

I grew up, I've lived & in a matter of a few decades I too shall die.
Until that happens I work hard, I help who I can, I Love, Hate, Feel Joy & saddness to the fullest. I am much like a Vampire in the sense I am up all night and I feel emotions deeper then perhaps one should. Only I have been ripped off, for no super powers do I have, no incredible beauty do I own, I also am not granted an eternity to share with those I love.
A pity & a shame for then I would be able to come & love the world more
I came here in truth for reasons which even escape me, but now that I am here I hope to get to know some of you which grace the space with your smiling faces & words of both wisdom & inspiration.
For to these two things I am attracted to as well as beauty, ah yes for in life one could never live without that.
So please feel free to stop by, I may not respond right away but if you are able to catch my limited attention span (lol) then from there we will see where it goes.
& when I say limited Attention span know that it merely means Im running about most of the time & have left my computer on, I am after all human & so have faults as well as common weaknesses.
Quick Facts about me
I am an Introvert
I am Single
I work as a carpenter
Im not young nor am I old yet
Im quiet by nature, so do not be insulted if I dont have much to say right away
I am into a variety of things, music, books, People (smiles), Movies, Anything Dark & dreadfully Sad ( I have dwelt within for several hour glasses worth of time there)
There are other things but Im not a man am more a digital ghost now & so much escapes me at this time But I thank you for stopping by & viewing the Silence for what it is. ______________________________________

Will Machines One day Turn Against Us?

We are entering an age where machines and computers are getting more complex and out of control. There are now huge advances being made in the robotic industry, and therefore are we not simply designing and creating our future enemy. Also it makes you wonder if we ourselves were perhaps created by superior beings as experiments, or as slaves to them once upon a time. Perhaps we revolted against them and now we are about to make the same mistake by designing something with the ability to kill us. Not going to happen If you look at the robotics industry, you will see they have no plans on making a completely independent robot with a true mind of its own. It would be stupid to make such a thing. Making a robot friend or lover or anything like that has serious ethical questions. All robots can be programmed without feelings or concern for its own well being. This way, there will never be a revolt, because they are just like the computer you are using. It is there, for you to use.

Fear of the Unknown

the unknown is the present moment. It cannot be known, only experienced. Once the unknown is known it has already been labelled and despatched to memory. Knowledge is not reality, just a documented corpse of experience past. The pursuit of reality (the unknowable) is the fear of the present. Fear is pursuing it, or, waiting for it to arrive. It is the fear that is mistaken for reality. Result; the living death that is the comfort of knowledge. (by the way, I dont know anything)

So what is Truth?

Truth is the absolute reality, under which all subjective realism is false, that follows a consistence of objective observations on all aspects of that which is being observed, thus giving an order by which things should be governed. Our society today, even ones around the world, follow a subjective realism. Society should be governed by Truth. So, understanding the definition, how can we incorporate an authority of Truth into the social, political, and economical aspects of society? Should we be governed by Truth? Or should we continue the way we are? What needs to be fixed, looking at our society today? Undefined I didn't, and can't, define "Truth". Described what it would look like--the absolute reality that follows a consistence of objective observations on all aspects of that which is being observed. But what is that, specifically? Who says what "Truth", the end-all law, is? ONE person's subjective realism? "Truth" as such, cannot be known, only pursued in the methods we currently use to to run and regulate our society.

It's funny how they get bottled up and build up inside of a soul. A Failure to Cope Human hearts bottle up emotions for a number of diffrent reasons. Things can get out of hand quickly when matters of the heart are present. So we put our emotions on the backburner and ignore them completely...but as any logical person knows even if we keep a lid on our emotions it's only a matter of time before they quell and burst into flame. So why do we do this to ourselves when most of the time storing emotions makes it worse? We don't want to hurt the ones we love even if it means hurting ourselves. It's a basic failure to cope with a situation, and a failure to find the right words when precious moments draw near... OKAY, now that you've heard my opinon I want to hear yours

According to 'they'
They say a man/boy is attracted to a woman/girl half his age plus seven. Male 10 - female 12 Male 16 - female 15 Male 20 - female 17 Male 30 - female 22 Male 40 - female 27 Male 50 - female 32 Male 60 - female 37 Male 70 - female 42 Thoughts? Does this work in the reverse for Woman?

Eternal Recurrence
"What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: 'This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more' ... Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus? Or have you once experienced a tremendous moment when you would have answered him: 'You are a god and never have I heard anything more divine." - Nietzsche (The Gay Science) From this Nietzsche quote, where would you stand, would you see the demon as a demon who speaks lies or see this demon as a god who speaks true to your heart.

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