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created on 06/10/2007  |
I keep on hearing all these things people say that are reasons why Indiana is so great. Yeah woohoo we have freaking corn fields. yay im so freaking happy. We do however have the kick butt COLTS yeah baby lets go for another kick @$$ season. But we also have other things that are wrong, which are about to drive me and others out of the state. We seem to have a government that thinks only of themselfs and their own paychecks other than others and their paychecks. We recently had a major tax increase in property taxes. We have government officials living in very nice neighborhoods and house that i wouldnt even know what to do with so much space. but yet we still have people that are living on the street eating out of dumpsters and they dont even know if they are gonna live another day. Trust me i have seen them. I think that our government needs to get their heads out of their butts. We are paying to much attention on little stupid things. we increase taxes on cigarettes but yet beer prices stay the same. and it is an actuall study that drunk drivers kill more people. I think we should increase taxes on beer and alcoholic beverages before cigarettes. i could go on for days about our little government. But before you think i am totally against our government. I would like to say that they arent the worst. They are atleast trying to fix our roads. but god when do we say too much is enough. are we all gonna have to be on the streets eating out of the rich people's dumpsters and trash cans before we stand up for ourselves??????
For those that know me this is one of the most annoying things to me. Driving through a fast food resturant (not gonna say which one but you should know once you read this) and im sitting there forever waiting to get to the window to pick up my food and why in the he!! do i see a sign that sais quit drooling pull forward. what is the point of this sign but to piss you off. dont they think if we could pull forward we could i swear i want to rip down this sign everytime i see it.
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