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What makes the heart pounds, what makes the heart stronge, what makes a heart honerable to the one that holds it, to have such a heart is not to back stab friends or to be mean or to shove religon in ones face but is to be kind to others and to save others lives and not take lives, this world today is full of murder and death and pain and sadness, as u read this ur gonna be thinking is she nuts for typeing this no im not nuts im just telling the truth on what i hear and see, even the sex today is out of control the deasess r killing ppl, ppl raping ppl, whats wrong with with this world and the ppl in it............. ya i know its money and the power behinde it thats the part that currupes ppl and other things........i can go on and on but i want to know what ur thoughts r about what i just said.......
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