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Over 30,047 people are online! Join now and start making friends! we go again! :s One of my stalkers (Wolf Rider),many of you already know him and what i am talking about, has created a fake profile using my pics and information that he has stolen from my profile. He is also doing this to many of my friends too. So be alert to suspicious profiles visiting your page or ripping your pics. If you get a friends request or any rude comments or messages from a newer profile that seems to be me.... do not accept it. It is not me. I have not changed my profile, I do not plan on changing my profile, so I do not need to be re-added. One profile name he is using (to scan profiles and steal info) is Sophi and the second one,at list from what i know till now is Eddy... At first i was thinking to close my account,but doing this i'll give him satisfaction and...i don't want that.I already closed my first account because of him. He has records and he shouldn't be on the net. Here's few messages which he sent to me. ""On 9/10/2007, wrote: you might think its funny now you your cousin your friends you know what it wont when you guys see me cause itll be to late then so go on laugh do what ever but when you guys see your fates come you wont be laughing now On 9/9/2007, wrote: i bet shewonder know whats happening to her hmmm i think she like it On 9/9/2007, wrote: you be seeing metomaarowwhore dream of your useless autistic daughter gettingrapped and broken okwhore i think its going to be great rapping a autistic girl a whore one at it nite whore On 9/10/2007, wrote: your autistic daughters getting raped and my hand shoved up her tight pussy ripping her guts out lovely On 9/10/2007, wrote: i cant wait to nail your useless autistic daughter to the upside cross and getting fucked in the name of satan On 9/10/2007, wrote: right ill get your autistic daughter pregand giveher a abortion On 9/9/2007, wrote: you going to talk to me and ill stop if not i guess your autistic slow ass daughter has her first fuck in every hole On 9/9/2007, wrote: imagine you sitting there helpless watching your autsistic daughter getting her pussy ripped open and doped up she wouldnt know whats happening to her think about that On 9/9/2007, wrote: let you sit there and watch while she lays on the alter while we chant satanic preyers heres some lryics from a song that inspired us to play music to IM IN THE LEAGUE WITH SATAN, IAM THE MASTERS OWN, I DRINK THE JUICE FROM WOMEN, AS THEY LAY ALONE, IM IN THE LEAGUE WITH SATAN, I BEAR THE DEVILS MARK, I KILL A NEW BORN BABY, AND TARE IT FROM FLESH, LOOK OUT BEWARE, AND THE FULL MOONS HIGHT AND BRIGHT, ANY WAY, IM THERE, IN THE SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT On 9/9/2007, wrote: dont worry we made fake id cards using your friends personal imfo"" So keep alert! Thank you for understanding and friendship. This is he's new profile... Wolf Rider ( Suzys Man )

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