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Sorrow aches the heart,

That once was true,

You say you care for me,

Yet you turn away,

All that was asked of you was honesty,

Yet you feel you have to play the game,

You remember my friend,

I can play them too,

Burn me once... I will burn you twice,

I choose you from all the rest,

And even gave you a chance,

She says she is your,

And no other will take you,

But you see... I will fight for you,

You are what's real & true,

You are what's brought the darkness,

From around my world,

I hold you high upon a pedestal,

And you don't even know,

My heart is in the palm of your hands,

What will you do?

Will you cherish it and all it holds?

Or will you stomp on it and make it blue?

The choice is in your hands,

Just make sure you choose wisely,

For you just might loose out on a heart so true.

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