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cutemommy82's blog: "some thoughts"

created on 03/31/2008  |  http://fubar.com/some-thoughts/b202945

if I

if i would tell u what i really want if i would tell u what i really need from u if i would tell u what my wishes are would u give me what i want would u do what i need u to do would u let my wishes become true im affraid to tell u im affraid to ask u i will tell god i will tell him all i will ask him for my wants and needs and wishes im not affraid to tell and ask him he understands me he knows the truth he will make everything happen i can not put my life in ur hands i can not give u my heart i know u will let me die i know u will break my heart i will give my life in gods hands i will give him my heart he dont let me die he dont break my heart why cant u learn from him? he is the best teacher u can learn so much from him and u really need to i learned alredy i learned a long time ago u saw it already u told me in ur words that u saw it but even if u saw it u didnt realize it if i would tell u everything would u listen and would u start to use ur head and also to ask god for the right thing to do?
why is it that every time everybody is trying to talk bout what u do or what u dont? they dont even know half but keep putting ur name in their mouth... i just wanna say thank u to everybody who talks bout my personal life ya dont know shit so shut the fuck up friends wonder why i dont even say hi nomore well my friends ya can also say thank u to the people who try to talk bout me and my life no matter what ya fuck up my life anyways so now keep on searching for the next lil reason to talk and to fuck up everything ya can not kill me nomore i dont live anymore ya got it this time i really thank for that all i ever wanted in my life is to be happy and all what ya do is keeping me down as soon as i am a lil happy ya put me down again but if it makes ya happy well have fun but dont wonder if i get all quiet and dont talk at all nomore if its that what all of ya wanted well ya got it
Pink SkullPeek-A-Boo ~ I love You
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