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turbosrtviper's blog: "Soldier"

created on 04/06/2008  |  http://fubar.com/soldier/b205025
Ok, This is basicly a rant about civilians who say "bring our troops home". I have a question for all you people. Did you ever think to ask the soldiers what they want? Your not the ones in afgahnistan or Iraq getting shot at, living in tents and sleeping on disqusting cots. Why should you get any say on what we do? We're the ones putting our lives on the line so you can bitch about "us" being over there. I'm sorry, but its our job, not yours. So shut up and let us do our job(that by the way WE volunteered for). Oh yeah, and dont EVER reffer to us as "young boys and girls", anyone who wears a uniform is either a MAN or a WOMAN. Don't try to make it out to be a bunch of kids who are scared and want to go home. So sit down, shut up, and we'll do the fighting!
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